Outlook summer semester 2022

The courses will - according to the current status - be planned and held in the SS 22 in presence. The most current Corona regulations for study operations form the basis for this.

Admission to the campus and attendance of courses at the HFT under the following conditions:

FFP2- mask protection*

3 G-rule* (carry vaccination/ recovery/testing certificate and show it on demand)

To ensure that your studies run as smoothly as possible, please read carefully all the information on the homepage Update on the Corona pandemic and in moodle.

* If you are unable to wear a mouth/nose protection for health reasons and/or cannot be vaccinated, you may still attend lectures and participate in other classroom events (show proof of medical certificate).

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HFT-2-G seal

In order to ensure a smooth process especially during lectures and in student workrooms, vaccinated and recovered students can pick up the HFT-2-G seal (red and 20 mm in diameter as a supplement on the student ID card) for the summer semester 2022 in the library from February 28 to March 04, 2022. From 07-18 March, issuing points will be set up in Building 1 for this purpose; from 21 March, this would be possible again in the library - if still required.

Studierende an der HFT Stuttgart
Vaccinated or recovered students
Enquiries by telephone & forms by e-mail

The Student Affairs Office as well as the Examination Office are  open in the mornings from 9:00 -12:00.

We gladly accept your forms (leave of absence/ exmatriculation etc.) by e-mail and can be reached by phone for your inquiries. We are of course also available in person during opening hours.

Stay healthy!

WiSe 2021: Please note

Start summer semester 2022


End summer semester 2022


Start of lectures


End of lectures

Written exams





  • Start and end of the semester

Summer semester 01.03. - 31.08.

Winter semester 01.09. - 28/29.02

The lectures start two to four weeks after the beginning of the semester.

  • Start and end of lectures

Winter semester 2021/22: 4.10.2021 - 21.01.2022

Summer semester 2022: 14.03. -  24.06.2022

Winter semester 2022/23: 4.10.2022 - 20.01.2023

Dates also available under Events.

  • Lecture plans

You can see the current lecture plans via the HFT online portal in LSF under Students.

In the Master's programmes International Project Management and Urban Planning you will receive the lecture plans directly from the programme.

Well oriented during the semester

The Student Affairs Office

For questions concerning application, enrolment, pre-study internships, leave of absence & de-registration and other formalities, please contact the respective contact person of your degree programme

Bachelor Degree Programmes
Architecture and Design
Architecture Doris Pelzer
Interior Architecture Christina Lang
Climate Engineering Doris Pelzer
Civil Engineering, Building Physics and Business Management
Civil Engineering Elifnur Akdağ
Building Physics Christina Lang
Business Administration Elifnur Akdağ
Infrastructure Management Elifnur Akdağ
Civil Engineering and Business Management Ulrike Bohrer
Business Psychology Angelika Jachmann
Geomatics, Computer Science and Mathematics
Computer Science Christina Lang
Information Logistics Doris Pelzer
Mathematics Christina Lang
Surveying and Geoinformatics Angelika Jachmann
Business Information Systems Christina Lang

Examination and Internship Office

Your request:

  • General information about the study and examination regulations (SPO)
  • BAföG - certificates
  • Manual registration and deregistration for examinations
  • Grades

Agata Fink

André Laude

Michaela Matheis

  • Application for further admission ("Härteantrag")
  • Inspection of examinations
  • Loss of examination entitlement
André Laude
praktikantenamt(at)hft-stuttgart.de(André Laude)
Michaela Matheis
  • Recognition of examination results
  • Electronic registration for exams
  • Correction of grades
  • Examination organisation
  • Creation of certificates
  • Lecturers and professors
Silke Fritz


Information for guest students (auditor)

Studierende an der HFT Stuttgart

Participation in individual curricular courses

Requirements, Application & Semester Fees

  • Admission for auditing only with sufficient capacity & proof of sufficient education.
  • Application form to studsek(at)hft-stuttgart.de
  • 90 € for participation in courses of up to 4 SWS (semester hours per week) in total
  • 180 € for participation in courses of more than 4 SWS

Please note!

  • Guest students are not members of the HFT Stuttgart and do not receive a student ID.
  • They cannot take any examinations or certificates of achievement.
  • No acquisition of certificates that can later be recognised in a degree programme
Student Affairs Office and Examination office

Office hours during the summer semester 2021:

only in the mornings: Mon-Fri 9:00-12:00

During the semester break we are available in the morning only.

You will find us in building 1

Room 1/124 Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences Schellingstr. 24 D-70174 Stuttgart

Please also note the special office hours of some of our staff.

Eine Studentin steht am Geländer in Bau 1
How you can reach us

The Team of the Student Department (Student Services)

Please click on the name to get a full view of the function and office hours.

Name and position Field Email and phone Room
Head of Students' Department Students' Department +49 711 8926 2655 1/123
Stellv. Abteilungsleitung Studentische Abteilung / Zulassung, Zweitstudierende, Härteanträge bei Zulassung +49 711 8926 2308 1/315
Deputy Head of Student Affairs Department Student Affairs Department / International tuition and second study fees +49 711 8926 2411 1/112
Studentische Abteilung / Studierendensekretariat
Studentische Abteilung / Prüfungs- und Praktikantenamt +49 711 8926 2695 1/122.1
Studentische Abteilung / Studierendensekretariat +49 711 8926 2659 1/124
Studentische Abteilung / Studierendensekretariat +49 711 8926 2662 1/124
Studentische Abteilung / Studierendensekretariat +49 711 8926 2586 1/124
+49 711 8926 2949 1/122.1
Studentische Abteilung / Prüfungs- und Praktikantenamt +49 711 8926 2669 1/122
Studentische Abteilung/ Prüfungs- und Praktikantenamt +49 711 8926 2302 1/122.1
Studentische Abteilung / Vorlesungsplanung, Prüfungsterminierung +49 711 8926 2953 1/112
+49 711 8926 2387 1/315

General statutes & house rules

  • The university fee statutes regulate all fee-based services such as pension certificates, certifications, copies of documents, etc.