The University Board of the Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart consists of the President Prof. Dr. Katja Rade, of the Vice-Rectors Prof. Dr. Volker Coors (Research and Digitization), Prof. Dr. Lutz Gaspers (Studies and Teaching) und Prof. Dr. Elke Sohn (Transfer and Climate Strategy) as well as of the Chancellor Dr. Doreen Kirmse. The administration under the leadership of the Chancellor is divided into a Student and an Economic Department. In addition, some staff departments belong to the University Board, the Technical Departmnet is assigned to the President and the Vice-Rector for Studies and Teaching.



From left to right: Prof. Dr. Elke Sohn, Vice Rector for Transfer and Climate Strategy; Prof. Dr. Lutz Gaspers, Vice Rector for Studies and Teaching; Dr. Doreen Kirmse, Chancellor; Prof. Dr. Volker Coors, Vice Rector for Research and Digitization; Prof. Dr. Katja Rade, Rector.

Members of the University Board

Name & Position E-Mail & Telephone
Rektorin+49 711 8926 2664 1/118
Prorektor Studium und Lehre+49 711 8926 2658 1/120
Prorektor Forschung und Digitalisierung+49 711 8926 2663 1/121
Prorektorin / Professorin+49 711 8926 2345 1/121.1
Kanzlerin+49 711 8926 2661 1/115

Employees of the University Board

Name & Position E-Mail & Telephone
Referentin des Rektorats+49 711 8926 2971 1/119
Büroleitung Rektorat+49 711 8926 2626 1/119
Assistenz der Kanzlerin +49 711 8926 2665 1/116

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