Come to the HFT Stuttgart to study mathematics in an application-oriented and practice-oriented way. Choose between the Bachelor's program Applied Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence and the Master's program Mathematics. We offer our students excellent, individual support, small course sizes and a high degree of practical relevance. The language of instruction ist German. A special feature: We also offer a cooperative study variant in the form of Maths² - Work & Study.

You don't have to be a genius to study Applied Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence or Mathe² Work & Study at HFT Stuttgart. Many successful HFT graduates show: This task is solvable. Ideally, you should enjoy mathematics and have a little stamina. But what really counts is to keep at it - that is, to think, understand and rework during your studies. We provide you with the knowledge you need to pass exams in the math bridge course (a one-week math update to prepare you for your first semester) and in lectures. We don't leave you on your own: our students benefit from excellent, individual support, comparatively small course sizes, and a high level of practical relevance.

With a degree in mathematics, you have the best job opportunities, an above-average salary and a secure job in prospect. Mathematicians are urgently needed in numerous industries

Student Advisory Service Bachelor Applied Mathematics and AI / Master Mathematics

Get straightforward advice on your future degree program! You will find the new dates for our digital student advisory service here shortly. Until then, please contact for questions about the Bachelor's degree programme 'Applied Mathematics & Artificial Intelligence' and 'Mathe² Work & Study' Prof. Dr. Jochen Brunk +49 711 8926 2720 or Prof. Dr. Harald Bauer +49 711 8926 2813 if you have any questions about our 'Mathematics' Master degree programme.

Free study places for the summer semester 2024!


The degree programme

Applications are possible until 9 March 2024 (last enrolment deadline).

Bachelor Applied Mathematics and AI
Studium Angewandte Mathematik und Künstliche Intelligenz: Blick in die Vorlesung an der HFT Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland

Field of specialization: You decide - Algorithms or Finance?

Regardless of whether you choose the classic or cooperative study option: We train you as a structured problem solver, mathematical creative thinker and communicative team player. You can choose between two majors:

  • Algorithm Engineering: information technology focus
  • Financial and actuarial mathematics: focus on business mathematics

The specializations make you fit for a wide range of applications, for example in the areas of autonomous driving, digital planning and optimization or development and management of financial and insurance products.

Maximum practical relevance with Maths² - Work & Study

The study variant Maths² is a bachelor's programme in mathematics with maximum practical relevance. From the first semester onwards, you will work in this study variant in one of our cooperating companies and can deepen your knowledge directly in practice. The study variant differs from the classical variant only in terms of time. In terms of content, you will receive the same sound education as in the classic variant.

Please note that an application for the bachelor's degree in Math² has some special features. You must first apply for the Bachelor's programme in Mathematics at the HFT Stuttgart via our online portal. At the same time, the application is made to one of our cooperating companies. All information is available on our Maths² - Work & Study page.

Interested companies from the Stuttgart region can contact us at any time by phone (+49 711 8926 2526) or email .

Gruppe arbeitet im Team

Perspectives: Mathematics and AI

Mathematics is the basis of every technical achievement and an indispensable building block of innovative topics. Artificial intelligence is based on modern mathematical methods and is driving innovation for a rapidly growing number of new applications in many areas. Whether in the finance and insurance industry, the automotive industry, management consultancies, medical technology or the IT and tech sector: Mathematics opens doors in almost every industry and economic sector and gives you excellent opportunities on the labour market.

Wherever a (business) mathematics, computer science or technical degree is required, mathematicians with a suitable specialisation can find a job, regardless of whether they are looking for risk analysts, risk controllers, data scientists, algorithm engineers, software developers, AI developers, development engineers or others.

Thanks to the broad range of applications, a maths degree programme gives you the opportunity to find out during your studies which future industry appeals to you the most and to develop your personal profile according to your interests.


  • Intensively supervised initial study phase
  • Small course sizes
  • High practical relevance, application- and job-oriented
  • Cooperative study in Maths²-Work&Study
  • Two directions of specialization selectable
  • Varied study projects
  • Theses with practice partners
  • Semester abroad and contact partner universities
  • All study programs ASIIN accredited
  • Financial and actuarial mathematics DAV accredited
Mit Fachabitur bzw. Fachhochschulreife oder Abitur studieren Studentinnen und Studenten an der Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart (Baden-Württemberg) den Studiengang Angewandte Mathematik und Künstliche Intelligenz (KI).
Advantages of studying at the HFT

Select your degree programme

Our formula for success: Holistic support

We promote your success in your studies through intensive support and small course sizes that allow for individual exchange. In addition, our mathematics studies are strongly practice-oriented and thus enable you to optimally combine theory and practice.


  • Preparation week for first semester students
  • Math bridge course
  • Math orientation test
  • English Placement Testt
  •     different tutorials
  •     Innovative teaching forms and content - continuously adapted to the requirements of practice
  •     Inverted Classrooms
  •     Online tests
  •     targeted exam preparation courses
  •     an internship semester for first contacts in the economy
  •     Maths² - a study variant with a contract for work and labour for optimal financing of stud
  • As a graduate of the HFT Stuttgart, many future-oriented professional fields already await you with your Bachelor's degree. The Stuttgart metropolitan region is the right starting point for your start in professional life: a strong location for the insurance, finance, IT and automotive industries.

  • After your bachelor's degree, we offer you a consecutive master's degree in mathematics with specializations in algorithm engineering and financial and actuarial mathematics.

  • The master's program trains you to become a technical expert and prepares you for a possible management career. The master's degree opens the door to higher service and qualifies you for a doctorate.


Selection of completed theses

  • Heuristics in Elliptic Curve Cryptography
  • Conformal Mappings and the Riemann Mapping Theorem
  • Attacks on Public Key Encryption Methods
  • Fairness in Artificial Intelligence
  • Use of neural networks for the performance-optimised calculation of valuation adjustments in the derivatives environment
  • Effects of risk management measures on the overall loss distribution of an insurance portfolio
  • Option price valuation with the help of fractal Brownian motion
  • Deep reinforcement learning for automated trading strategies
  • Heuristic solution methods for optimal route planning with a fleet of electric vehicles taking into account time frames
  • Recognition of structures in laser scan point clouds using Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and graph algorithms
  • Panorama views and neural networks for the evaluation of screw centring

Projects & Activities


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