The HFT Stuttgart is the only university in Baden-Württemberg to offer a cooperative mathematics program. In this variant of the bachelor's program, you work in a cooperating company from the very beginning and study mathematics in parallel in the Applied Mathematics and AI bachelor's program. In this way, you can consolidate what you have learned directly in practice, gain valuable initial experience in professional life and finance your studies at the same time.

At our university you will receive a basic mathematical education, which you can further specify according to your interests in the two specializations of financial and actuarial mathematics or algorithm engineering. In addition, you will gain further knowledge in the minor subject of computer science and benefit from a high degree of practical relevance and intensively supervised study phases.

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For the bachelor's program Applied Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence and the variant Mathe² this will take place on Fridays from 15:30 - 16:30 on the following dates:
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+49 (0)711 8926 2720 / Prof. Dr. Brunk
Application deadline

January 15th (summer semester)
July 15th (winter semester)

Study time

8 semesters including study-related practical phases

Study title

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc)

Master study courses


Application & admission

Please note that an application for the Bachelor's program Maths2 has some special features. You must first apply for the Bachelor's program in Mathematics at the HFT Stuttgart via our online portal. Parallel to this, the application is made to a cooperating company. You will find all information in our short checklist.

The Study

The study variant Maths² is a bachelor's program in mathematics with maximum practical relevance.
For students of the Math² variant, the basic study period consists of three semesters, since during this time they can already work in a cooperating company and deepen what they have learned in practice. The basic study period ends with the preliminary Bachelor examination. At the beginning of the main study period, starting in the fourth semester, you will be offered additional lectures from one of the two specializations Financial and Actuarial Mathematics or Algorithm Engineering.

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Mathe² means

  • Bachelor's program with simultaneous contract as a working student
  • Integration into a cooperating company from the beginning of the study
  • Secure and adequate student financing
  • Optimal combination of studies and practice

You receive

  • A solid mathematical education in pure and applied mathematics
  • In-depth knowledge in the sales direction you have chosen
  • Through your work in a company, the opportunity to apply what you have learned immediately in practice
  • An optimal preparation for the later professional life

Basic Study

For students of the study variant Maths² - Work & Study, the basic study period consists of three semesters, since during this time they can already work in a cooperating company and deepen what they have learned in practice. For this purpose, one lecture-free day a week is available.


Main Studies

In the main study period, students take lectures in mathematics and computer science as well as lectures from their chosen specialization. Students of the study variant Maths² - Work & Study already determine their area of specialization by choosing the company.

Maths² students have attendance times at the company throughout their studies. These are treated as equivalent to the supervised practical study project, which takes place in the 5th semester for Bachelor Mathematics students.

The final Bachelor's thesis involves working on an application-related task in the field of mathematics or the chosen specialization. The final thesis is usually written in the cooperating companies.


Valid before winter semester 2021/2202

Partner company

In the bachelor's degree option Maths², you work in a cooperating company from the very beginning and study mathematics in parallel in the bachelor's degree program. You apply in advance to one of our partner companies in your preferred specialisation.

Participating companies for Financial and Insurance

Participating companies for Algorithm Engineering

Apply via our online portal for the bachelor's programme in mathematics at the HFT Stuttgart. Prerequisite for admission is the certificate of general qualification for university entrance, the subject-related higher education entrance qualification or the entrance qualification for universities of applied sciences.

Choose one of our specialisations to specialise from the very beginning of your studies. You can choose between the specialization Algorithm Engineering (computer science specialization) or Financial and Actuarial Mathematics (business mathematics specialization).

Apply for a working student position with a cooperating company. You will find an overview of all partner companies in the previous section. By clicking on the company logos you will receive further information. By applying to a cooperating company, you can determine your area of specialization right from the start of your studies. Please note: Your working hours should be at least 60 days per year and during the lecture period no more than 12 hours per week. This may increase during the lecture-free period.

Please present your valid employment contract at the beginning of the lecture. This can also be submitted by post before the start of the course.


International experience

For students, it is more important than ever to acquire additional qualifications through their own experience abroad during their studies. So they can be abroad

  • either a study semester
  • and/or the supervised practical study project
  • and/or do your thesis there.

If you have any questions, please contact
Prof. Dr. Annegret Weng.

Eine Studierende mit Rucksack

Our partner universities

The University of Newcastle (Australia) offers two tuition-free places per year for HFT students, to which mathematics students can also apply.


Contact person

Jochen Brunk
Jochen Brunk +49 711 8926 2720