German citizens and foreign applicants with a german university entrance qualification

Deutsche Flagge vor historischem Gebäude

German school leaving certificate

University entrance qualification (HZB)

  • General qualification for university entrance
  • subject-related higher education entrance qualification (all forms)
  • Advanced technical college entrance qualification

acquired in Germany or at a German school abroad

Applicants with university entrance certificates that are only valid in certain federal states require a

  • Certificate of equivalence of the diploma

issued by the Regierungspräsidium Stuttgart, Abteilung Schule und Bildung on the equivalence of previous education with calculation of the average mark

Documents for the application

This certificate must be uploaded together with the certificate of university entrance qualification during the online application and a certified copy must be submitted when registering (enrolment).

Foreign applicants (EU and non-EU) with a German university entrance qualification in Germany or acquired at a German school abroad are so-called Bildungsinländer.

Foreign Students

Fahnen unterschiedlicher Länder werden in die Höhe gehalten

Foreign school or university degree

Degree obtained abroad

Documents for the application

  • Certificate of the Studienkolleg
  • Certificate of university entrance qualification from the country of origin
  • Translation into the German language
  • Proof of knowledge of German and/or English
General Contact Student Secretariat
+49 (0)711 8926 -2662 order -2659

Professional qualification

University entrance qualification without Abitur by

  • Master craftsman's examination or

    equivalent professional training (mostly advanced training at least 400 units)

  • University aptitude test

Proof of counseling interview (general study counseling and in case of suitability with dean of studies)

Master craftsmen and -women as well as in the case of equally recognised further education courses (usually advanced further education over 400 units) may be granted university admission under the following circumstances (see § 58 (5/6) LHG):

  1. You have completed either
    1. a master craftsman's certificate OR
    2. further vocational training in the learned occupation equivalent to the master craftsman examination in accordance with the Vocational Training Act, the Crafts Code or other public law regulation OR
    3. any other continuing vocational training, provided that it has been determined by statutory instrument to be equivalent, OR
    4. have successfully completed a vocational school after completing their training (§ 14 School Act)
  2. The university will conduct a consultation with the general study counselling service and, if suitability is established, with the dean of studies of the relevant course of study. According to § 2 Abs. 1 BerufsHZVO, it is obligatory to provide proof of these qualifications before applying to the university. If you already have proof of a counselling interview in the desired course of study from another university in Baden-Württemberg, this will be recognised.

Documents for the application:

If you have fulfilled the requirements, submit a certified copy of your master craftsman's diploma or your certificate of further education and a simple copy of your proof of counselling together with the other required application documents when applying for a course of study.

Requirements for the proficiency test

  1. You have completed at least two years of vocational training in the subject area corresponding to your intended course of study (in accordance with federal and state law).
  2. You have at least 3 years of professional experience in the relevant specialist area.

HFT Stuttgart can register them for the qualifying examination in Konstanz. Information on this and guidance in this procedure can be obtained from Ms. Julia Ilg.

If you are admitted to the aptitude test, you will have to pay 200 € of your own costs; the university cannot reimburse travel expenses. The aptitude test takes place annually in May at the University of Applied Sciences Konstanz. Further information on the aptitude test can be found here.

In addition to passing the aptitude test, you will then need a counseling interview as defined in § 2 Para. 2 BerufsHZVO. For this purpose, you make an appointment with the dean of studies of the intended study programme.

Completion of a pre-study internship before beginning studies

The pre-study internship serves to acquire basic practical knowledge and skills and is a prerequisite for admission to the degree program.


pre-study internship

required for the following courses of study

  • Architecture
  • Civil Engineering
  • Climate Engineering
  • Civil Engineering and Business Management

Information and instructions for application

  • Proof or preliminary certificate that the internship will be completed by the start of the course
  • Exception for Civil Engineering and Industrial Engineering & Management Construction & Real Estate: Confirmation at the latest by entry into the 3rd semester



Further information about the pre-study internship

Duration: 2 months (or 40 attendance days)


  • Architect's office and/or selected professions in the main building trade according to the information sheet.

Requirements for the proof of the pre-study internship:

Duration: 12 weeks


  • Craft activities on building sites and companies that are part of the shell construction trade (e.g. construction companies in road, bridge, building and civil engineering)

Requirements for the proof of the pre-study internship:


Duration: 4 weeks


Practical work full-time in a planning office,

  • e.g. heating-ventilation-sanitary planning, engineering, architecture, energy consulting office or
  • in an appropriate building trade enterprise (e.g. occupational fields of the main building trade, electronics engineer, plant mechanic, mechatronics engineer, pipeline constructor, environmental protection technician)

Completed vocational training in the field of work specific to the course of study is credited as a pre-study internship. No report is required!

Requirements for the proof of the pre-study internship:

Duration: 12 weeks


  • Craft or commercial activity on a building site
  • in a company similar to a building site
  • in a company in the construction and real estate industry

Requirements for the proof of the pre-study internship:

more details

No. The pre-internship place has to be found by the applicant himself. The Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences cannot help you with the placement, not even with a list of companies.

The pre-study internship can be carried out in any company that can provide the educational goals and contents of the corresponding degree program.

No. The pre-study internship is prescribed in the study and examination regulations and the admission/selection statutes of the above-mentioned degree programmes. It is therefore a compulsory pre-study internship and exempt from the minimum wage requirement. A confirmation for the internship position can be found here Confirmation of mandatory pre-study internship.

Preliminary internship report & application for recognition

must be handed in to the Student Affairs' Office at the latest at the beginning of the lecture:

  • detailed report (weekly reports) about the time of the pre-study internship
  • no report is required for the Climate Engineering course!
  • and application for recognition
at the start of lectures