How can cities be developed in an intelligent, sustainable and liveable way?

iCity: Intelligent City is a research partnership which is developing innovative solutions, methods, services and products for the livable, intelligent and sustainable city of the future (LIScity) since 2017. 

The sustainable city is increasingly digital, connected, uses resources efficiently, implements smart mobility concepts, and ensures that its infrastructure is supplied with high shares of renewable energy via grid-connected infrastructure. It is also characterized by operating inclusively, connected and flexible. In addition to these technical aspects, approaches to intelligent cities are increasingly human-centered and thus place the citizens' well-being and a better quality of life at the heart of its development.
Accordingly, the essential part of the intelligence of future cities is not only to drive technical innovations, but also to systemically integrate social, ecological and economic aspects.

The holistic claim of iCity results from the successful transdisciplinary cooperation of researchers from competence centres of the HFT with more than 45 practical partners.


Researchers of all competence centers


Practice partners (Small and medium-sized enterprises, large companies, municipal partners)

During the completed project initiation phase (2017-2021), a total of 20 (sub)projects, including three exploratory projects, two SME projects and one management project, produced innovative methods, services and products that make a visible contribution to the transformation of the urban energy system and sustainable urban development.

In the subsequent project intensification phase (2021-2024), the partnership will work to consolidate and establish itself in the country as an innovation hub in the field of the liveable, smart and sustainable city of the future.

Intended results

The research activity focuses on methods, services and products for highly efficient energy, building and mobility systems in neighbourhoods that are intelligently connected by means of information and communication technologies in order to operate them efficiently, renewably, sustainably and in a socially acceptable manner.
The partnership has inspired a large number of follow-up projects dealing with research on the intelligent city. In the long term, the project will be transformed into a technically autonomous and politically independent body that acts as an interface between HFT research and the partner companies involved in the innovation process.
Overall, the LIS urban research topic will be transdisciplinarily defined by cross-competence networking and cooperation with partners from regional industry. The research results are published for public use.

Research at Universities of Applied Sciences, Strong Universities of Applied Sciences - Impetus for the Region

01.01.2017 - 31.03.2021 (Initiation)
01.04.2021 - 31.03.2024 (Intensification)

Overall project management and management
Dr. Dirk Pietruschka

Research Partnership Spokesperson
Prof. Dr. Volker Coors

Partnership Spokesman Industry
Werner Steiner

iCity Management

Liveable, Smart and Sustainable City (LIScity), Urban Development, Mobility, Energy Management and Urban Simulations, Innovative Neighborhoods, Buildings and Infrastructure, Smart City, Data Platforms, Data Security, Innovation Hub, Financing and Acceptance, Climate Protection and Climate Change Adaptation, Participatory Processes, Cooperatives