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  • The access to the library is possible via the Schellingstrasse entrance. The building door is closed. Please call us when you are in front of it (0711-8926 2927). We will then let you in.
  • ATTENTION: Book return is now only possible during library opening hours!
  • Corona 3G rule:
    All HFT members must present a certificate of vaccination, recovery or testing (rapid test is valid for 24 hours, PCR test is valid for 48 hours) as well as their university ID/student ID.
    External users who have not been vaccinated or recovered need a PCR test as proof of testing, which must not be older than 48 hours. In addition to the 3G certificate, they must present a photo ID.
  • No certificate is required to pick up an order or return media.
  • Wearing a FFP2 mask is obligatory.
  • For a consultation, you can also contact us online via e-mail bibliothek(at)hft-stuttgart.de or phone 0711/8926-2927. We will then also be glad to arrange Zoom meetings.
  • All information about the opening rules can be found below in the fold-out text.
  • All the latest Corona information from the university can be found here.

  • The access to the library is possible via the entrance in Schellingstraße. Since the building door is closed, you have to call us (0711-8926 2927) when you are standing in front of it. We will then let you in.
  • The book return is possible only during library opening hours. Otherwise the building is closed.
  • On site, HFT members will need a certificate that you are fully vaccinated or recovered, or you have a negative test result (rapid antigen test no older than 24 hours, PCR test no older than 48 hours) and your university or student ID.
  • External users need a certificate that they are fully vaccinated or recovered or a negative PCR test (not older than 48 hours) and a photo ID.
  • If you only want to pick up pre-ordered media or return borrowed media, you do not need 3G certificate.
  • Your stay in the library must be documented: your name and duration (App Uni Now or the form on site). Data protection is guaranteed.
  • Workplaces are available and currently do not need to be reserved in advance.
  • New registration for external users is possible.
  • Social distance in front of the library must be kept. Groups or crowds must be avoided.
  • Wearing a FFP2 mask is obligatory. Hygienic behaviour must be respected.
  • In case you have a personal contact with an infected person or have had it within last 14 days, entering the university is prohibited. The same applies in case you have symptoms of a raspiratory infection or increased body temperature.
  • Library users can loan books only by themsleves at the self-check terminal.
  • The return of the books is possible only via the return box in front of the library. The return box is emptied every day in the morning before the library´s opening, when there is no one in the building. In that way it is ensured, that the books are not touched withing several hours.
  • Outstanding fees can be paid only with the credit on the student ID card. You can top up the credit on your student ID card in the 1st Building (Bau 1). Unfortunately, it is not possible in the library.
  • Scanning is possible only with your own USB drive.
  • In order to use the copier device, you need a sufficient credit on your student ID card.
  • Any consultations or clarifying issues can be done via e-mail bibliothek(at)hft-stuttgart.de or by telephone 0711/8926-2927. We will gladly arrange a consultancy appointment with you in Zoom.

Please, help us to keep the library accessible for you by following these rules!

  • You can find electronic media of our library via the library homepage at “Search & Find”, in the library catalog, via database information system DBIS and via electronic periodical database EZB.
  • You will also find there many guides on access and search in various electronic collections.
  • In case you have some questions or issues, contact us via Service and support portal of the Information Center (only accessible within the university with HFT login) or e-mail (ist(at)hft-stuttgart.de). We would be glad to help you.
  • In addition, you can use part of the electronic media collection of the Württemberg State Library (WLB) at home. However, you need a library card of the WLB. Students get this card free of charge. Please note, at the moment you can apply for the card online only. You will find all of the relevant information at the website of the WLB.
  • Due to licensing reasons, it is unfortunately not possible for HFT students to use the electronic collections of other universities.
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Monday +Tuesday

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08:30 a.m. – 08:00 p.m.   

08:30 a.m. – 06:00 p.m  

08:30 a.m. – 04:00 p.m   

Online consulting

Online consulting via Zoom

Do you need support with research (catalog, databases) or do you have questions about using the literature management program Citavi? Just book an individual online consultation via Zoom. Our library team will be glad to help you.

Book an appointment:

Here you can book an appointment for online consulting.
If you have any questions, please write to us at bibliothek@hft-stuttgart.de

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PS: Because of the Coronavirus, conditions for access change constantly. That is why we ask you to take always into account the latest information on our homepage.

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