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HFT Stuttgart Graduate Survey

Quality management is a high priority at HFT Stuttgart and helps us work effectively and efficiently.


The goal of the QM system set up at HFT Stuttgart is to optimize processes and content in the fields of education, administration and research. To paraphrase the German author Erich Kästner: Some people use their intellect to simplify things – others to make them more complex. We aim to simplify and optimize both processes and content. Our QM activities are modelled on the PDCA cycle (Plan-Do-Check-Act) and aim to include all stakeholders in the establishment of a tailored QM system for the university.


As a university we always aim to fulfil our educational mandate to the highest quality. The modern educational environment is extremely dynamic, and we therefore continuously improve all our processes and content. The growing complexity of the tasks we face requires us to streamline workflows and avoid doing the same work twice – and our slim QM system is designed to help us achieve this. Transparency is one of the key factors in the success of our QM system:

HFT Stuttgart’s Quality Management department currently holds central responsibility for the coordination of the following survey and measuring instruments:

Further information on individual evaluation instruments and corresponding results are available in Moodle (only accessible to members of the university).


QM documentation is an important tool from the perspective of both transparency and day-to-day operations. It involves the step-by-step definition of individual processes as well as responsibility for a variety of issues. The resultant documentation also references relevant, up-to-date documents and any forms that need to be filled out. In the event of process modifications the corresponding QM documentation is amended and then submitted to process supervisors for approval prior to republication in updated form.

Members of our university can access QM documentation using the HFT-Wiki (To use the HFT-Wiki log into using your email login details).

Nobody’s perfect... the TIL initiative gives students, teaching and non-teaching staff the opportunity to become actively involved in creating a more efficient, more effective university environment by submitting their opinions and ideas.

All suggestions are discussed with the relevant members of staff and checked by our quality and environmental management officers in term of their practicality. Suggestions are anonymized before being discussed with internal experts. The results of that discussion are then communicated back to the person who made the suggestion. The speed with which suggestions can be implemented is dependent on their complexity.

By submitting their thoughts and ideas the various members of HFT Stuttgart contribute to a process of continuous development and improvement which maintains and enhances our status as an attractive place to study. We therefore look forward to many more constructive, creative suggestions in the future!

To submit feedback, you are invited to use the contact form in Moodle „TIL–TippsIdeenLösungen“ (login required) or to send an email to the following address: qm(at)hft-stuttgart.de.


The aforementioned instruments are supplemented by additional measures targeted at either specific programmes (e.g. measures initiated by the respective Study Commission) or other areas

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