Your contact persons in the International Office:

Image Name and position Email and phone Room
 Director of the International Office +49 711 8926 2868 1/325
 Language Program Coordinator +49 711 8926 2979 1/326
 Koordinatorin Auslandsaufenthalte +49 711 8926 2694 1/326
 International Student Coordinator +49 711 8926 2379 1/330
International Student Coordinator +49 711 8926 2925 1/330

The International Office (AAA) is divided into the International Relations Office (IRO), the Outgoing Students Office (OSO) and the International Student Office (ISO).

The IRO is responsible for all foreign relations as well as for the conception of international programs. The OSO takes care of the planning and financing of stays abroad and the ISO supports international students during their stay in Germany.

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