The Start-Up Center of the HFT Stuttgart

Are you interested in innovation and entrepreneurship? You have a business idea and want to know if it has potential? Or are you wondering how you can implement and finance it? Where to find people who also want to start up, have already started up and with whom you can exchange ideas? Then you've come to the right place.

All our offers are available to all students, employees and alumni free of charge. And even people without a connection to the HFT are welcome to join us.


You have your own business idea or are desperately looking for one? You would like to start a business, but don't know how? We offer the right support for all your questions - whether it's about the general procedure, our formats or funding opportunities. Just send an email to gruenden(at) or book an appointment with Coach Matthiasdirectly.

We can hold the consultation virtually via Zoom or in person at the PLAN G office (Building 5, 2nd floor) - just as you like. We look forward to meeting you!

You don't only want to gain experience, but also invest your time and the work on your thesis or internship in your own project? How about an internship in your own startup or a thesis topic in the startup of a fellow student? In the past two years, we were able to pilot this offer a few times. In any case, an individual consultation with your supervisor as well as a check with the respective examination regulations is necessary - but this should not scare you off! Interested? Feel free to contact Coach Marco.

Hardly anyone has a clear idea of which career path is right for them when they start their studies. What really suits me and what can I motivate myself to do over the next few years? It is a privilege that we have countless options today. However, finding the right direction for your life can also be a challenge. In this Purpose Workshop, you will use a variety of methods to individually address the big questions in life: What do I love? What am I good at? What does the world need? How can I earn money? You want to learn more about your own goals, values, strengths and problem solving skills and get closer to your Purpose? Then this workshop is just right for you.

The workshop will take place on March 24 and 25, 2023. You can register through LSF as part of the key qualifications. For more information, please contact Coach Elena.

At MORGENWERKSTADT, you will learn to look at unsolved problems from the user's point of view using design thinking and develop customized solutions. We have chosen the topic of the city because life comes together in urban spaces and everyone can find a niche for positive impact.

We will meet on 08 and 09 March 2023.

What to expect:

  • Together with other students you will learn to act entrepreneurially and approach your own idea step by step.
  • You will develop a user-centered concept for your idea and solve relevant problems in the urban environment.
  • You will gain hands-on experience in the application of agile innovation methods from the field of Design Thinking.
  • You deal with trend research and learn how society will change in the coming decades.
  • You get inspired by one of our Future Talks every Wednesday.
  • You benefit from the experience of motivated coaches and get to know successful future makers from the Stuttgart region.
  • You network with motivated students from all faculties of the HFT and are part of an active PLAN G community.If you have any questions, please contact Coach Marco.

Founding alone or lonely is almost an impossibility! Nothing beats the mutual exchange and the chance to help each other or even to make "common cause". If you knew how many great coincidences have already led to conversations over a beer and music with us! This has moved us to provoke the coincidence now regularly and thus start again our monthly event series "PLAN G KOLLEKTIV". Just come by and get to know other people in a relaxed atmosphere, who are also hot for the new. It really doesn't matter whether you have already founded a company or are just curious about new topics.

We meet on the first Wednesday of every month in our PLAN G Space on the first floor of Building 5, after which it's rumored to move over to Block 4. We have also built a vibrant community in the digital space with Slack. With more than 100 users, we exchange ideas here and help each other. If you would like to know more about this, please contact Coach Matthias directly.

The current changes always offer opportunities for creative minds. Learn and experience entrepreneurial thinking and action in STARTPLAN and develop solutions for unsolved problems - in 8 weeks! You will be supported by experienced coaches, successful founders and attractive companies from the region.

Take the first step and start your STARTPLAN in the summer semester of 2023. You can find more information here on our landing page and on the following registration link: Register now. Don't hesitate to ask our coach Matthias in advance!

"We want to enable start-ups that make cities of tomorrow more livable." This is the purpose of PLAN G. With our startup center, we not only want to bring the topic of startups to the university, but also develop ideas with you that improve our lives as citizens and thus users of cities. For this reason, we are currently working on a workshop offer for you, which combines the topic of Future City with innovative methods such as Design Thinking. We are planning "camps" of several days in summer and winter. In four days we will develop ideas together and let them come to life through first prototypes. Who knows, maybe someone of you wants to follow it up and start up with it? If so, we won't leave you alone: see our offers above! The first date will also be the first MORGENWERKSTADT: 08.03. - 09.03.2023. All info is available from Coach Marco PLAN G - Today. City. Tomorrow.

Since spring 2022, Building 5 has become a melting pot for startups at HFT. The PLAN G team as well as funded startups have found their place there. But we have also been holding events and seminars here since then. In the upcoming WS 22/23, our PLAN G co-working space will also be ready. Come by, grab a table and get started!

With the EXIST-Gründerstipendium you can work on your start-up full-time for one year. It offers you not only financial support, but also a network of experienced mentors who will accompany you on your way. It is a chance to turn your business idea into reality without having to worry about financial worries.

The goal is to develop a marketable product and build a sustainable business model within one year.

If you are funded, you will receive:

  1. Financial support: you will receive up to €35,000 to implement your business idea and build your company. You will also receive a monthly stipend of up to €3,000.

  2. Mentoring & Network: You will have access to experienced mentors and experts who will advise and support you. And you can become part of a network of successful founders and entrepreneurs.

  3. Training and workshops: You will have the opportunity to attend trainings and workshops to improve your knowledge and skills.
  4. Workplace & Infrastructure: You get a workplace and can also use labs, workshops or other infrastructure of the HFT.

Other promotions.

You have a product that needs a lot of research? Then the EXIST research transfer program might suit you. Especially in Baden-Württemberg, there is also the program Junge Innovator:innen, which is similar to the EXIST-Gründerstipendium.


Do you have questions about the grants or would you like to apply for one? Then get in touch with Elena.

Legal form? Contracts? Trademark protection? Shares? Data protection? One foundation - many questions.

Every month there is an open legal consultation in cooperation with the law firm Dornkamp.

The legal consultation hour takes place alternately at the Stuttgart universities and runs like this:

  • in the first hour there are individual, bookable slots,
  • in the second hour there is an open session, where you can also talk to the lawyers without a pre-booked appointment.

The start-up center PLAN G hosts this appointment in the co-working space in Bau as part of the collective, to which founders exchange ideas on various topics in the start-up spectrum every first Wednesday of the month.

The next date:

Wednesday, April 5, 5:00 - 7:00 p.m., PLAN G SPACE (Bau 5, Room 023) to register.

For questions you can contact Elena.

The offer takes place in cooperation with Startup Campus 0711.

STARTPLAN - in 8 weeks to the start-up

The current changes always offer opportunities for creative minds. STARTPLAN is your alternative to the classic career entry. Learn and experience entrepreneurial thinking and action and develop your own start-up in eight weeks. You will be supported by experienced coaches, successful founders and attractive companies from the region.

This is what awaits you at STARTPLAN:

  • Together with other students, you will learn to act entrepreneurially and approach your own startup step by step.
  • You will develop a user-centered business model for your startup idea or relevant innovation challenges of our corporate partners.
  • You will gain hands-on experience in the application of agile innovation methods from the field of Designing Thinking, Lean Startup, etc.
  • You benefit from the experience of motivated startup coaches and get to know successful founders from the Stuttgart region.
  • You network with other startup enthusiasts at HFT Stuttgart and are part of an active startup community.


You can find more information in this flyer:

The next STARTPLAN starts on 31.03.2023 - We are looking forward to you!

The application deadline is March 22, 2023.

Founder Talks

Successful founders present themselves and their careers. Let them inspire you and ask your questions! every Wednesday from 15:30-16:00 h

29.03.2023: N.N.

05.04.2023: N.N.

14.04.2023: N.N.

19.04.2023: N.N.

26.04.2023: Hoang Nguyen | alcemy With AI-powered software to sustainable concretes - How we drive decarbonization with alcemy.

03.05.2023: Julius Schäufele | Concular Passion, Patience, Trust - Three Virtues for Sustainable Founding

10.05.2023: Leonie Dowling | Palasts

24.05.2023: Lena Tuckermann | Mietz

07.06.2023: Sally Köhler and Sarina Hötzel | FIVE PERCENT
Energetic Redevelopment. Making it easy - From research to the startup world

14.06.2023: N.N.

14.12.2022: Moritz Weimer | network sports

07.12.2022: Marten Schulze | PENG

23.11.2022: Yannick Frank | Partners in Clime

16.11.2022: Claus Nesensohn | refine!

09.11.2022: Johannes Keller | BEX Technologies

02.11.2022: Beate Kleinewefers | reaworx

26.10.2022: Katrin Kreidel | Hydrops Water Systems

19.10.2022: Manuel Armbruster | KOENA tec

15.06.2022 | Jonas Deichmann | Jonas Deichmann Adventures

01.06.2022 | Jens Schmelzle | FRYD

18.05.2022 | Konrad Wenzel | nFrames / esri

11.05.2022 | Alex Kholti | hatchery

04.05.2022 | Marion Riedel | improveMID

27.04.2022 | Sophia Rödiger | BloXmove

20.04.2022 | Robin Lang | CityDecks

13.04.2022 | Philipp Hoening | SMARK 

15.12.2021 | Lisa Rosa Bräutigam | nuwo. | With "Homeoffice-as-a-Service" from civil servant to founder

08.12.2021 | Maximilian Franz | ModuGen | digital planning assistant for residential and office buildings made of wood

01.12.2021 | Katharina Aguilar | 7places | Inspiring living spaces for all!

17.11.2021 | Patrick Glaser | vialytics | Artificial intelligence for better roads

11.06.2021 | Dr. Ingmar Hoerr | CureVac | Disruptive innovation - how to revolutionize an industry

02.06.2021 | Naomi Jaguttis | bill.less | Get out to the customer - as early as possible!

26.05.2021 | Patrick Glaser | vialytics | Fake it until you make it

19.05.2021 | Johannes Keller | BEX technologies | Simplifying the procurement process in construction

05.05.2021 | Alex Kholti | hatchery | How to pretotype - how to test an idea quickly

28.04.2021 | Manuel Armbruster | KOENAtec | From idea to business model

21.04.2021 | Moritz Weimer | network-sports | Just do it - why it pays to just get started

14.04.2021 | Finn Wilkesmann | MyCabin | Jung & Naiv - Risiken und Nebenwirkungen des Machens

09.04.2021 | Marion Riedel, Diana Kovaleva, Ina Haug | improveMID | Ups and downs in everyday start-up life

07.04.2021 | Julian Schulz | metergrid | Cooperation between start-up and corporate

You are lost in the information jungle? You don't know where to turn? Or you just feel like having a cup of coffee? Then feel free to contact us.

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