In October 2023, the Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences (HFT) signed the Diversity Charter. By signing this voluntary commitment, HFT Stuttgart is committing to the principles and objectives of the Diversity Charter: all employees should be treated with equal respect, regardless of their nationality or ethnic origin, their religious affiliation or world view, regardless of their social background, age, sexual orientation and identity, regardless of their physical and mental abilities. Around 5,000 companies and institutions have signed the Diversity Charter to date, meaning that the registered association represents 14.7 million employees, according to its own figures.

Logo der Charta der Vielfalt für Unterzeichner

Diversity as an opportunity - The Diversity Charter

"The diversity of society ... also shapes the world of work in Germany. We can only be successful economically and as a society if we recognize, promote and use the diversity that exists. This applies to the diversity in our workforce and the diverse needs of our business partners and citizens. The diversity of our employees with their different skills and talents opens up opportunities for innovative and creative solutions." (Quote, certificate of the Diversity Charter)

Diversity at the HFT Stuttgart

The University of Applied Sciences sees a positive university culture characterized by appreciation as an integral part of its university profile and its vision .... The basic prerequisite for an appreciative university culture is positive interaction with one another. An appreciative, active university culture contributes to the attractiveness for all university members, promotes innovation and makes the university more agile and flexible.

Structure and development plan of HFT Stuttgart, 2023-2027, p. 39

HFT Stuttgart supports and encourages all university members and students in their individuality and diversity. With this in mind, the working and study conditions are constantly being developed and expanded. The following offers currently reflect the campus culture: