Those who study at the HFT Stuttgart today will design our future tomorrow!

The Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences is not only a place of teaching and learning, but a place where the future of our society is designed. The university bears great responsibility for the education of its students. As graduates, they will not only contribute to the economic power of the Stuttgart Region, but also to the competitiveness of both Germany and Europe in global development. They will design innovative future concepts in the fields of environment, mobility, energy or housing. They will have to participate in topics such as global warming and digitalisation, will experience the change of the working world towards Industry 4.0 first hand. At the same time, many students are already committed to a social society and take responsibility for their fellow human beings. Our students, as the excellently trained professionals of tomorrow, will make great efforts to help shape the future of our world with their knowledge, commitment and performance. For this to be possible, they must be able to reach their full potential and develop their talents.

The HFT Stuttgart is also a place of research, where national and international projects are carried out and coordinated. Interdisciplinary research groups aim to make scientific topics understandable to both students and society through application-oriented interdisciplinary research. The staff of the various research projects integrate their research and the results directly into teaching, allow students to participate and thus promote a practice-oriented education.

Good teaching, innovative research and a positive study environment: the HFT Stuttgart offers optimal conditions for scientific and yet practical training. As a sponsor you have various possibilities to support this work:

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  • For companies, we offer a wide range of sponsorship opportunities that increase the level of awareness at the university and enable direct exchange with students and the professorial staff on future-oriented topics.

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