Declaration on accessibility

The Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart (HFT) makes every effort to make its website and its mobile applications accessible without barriers in accordance with § 10 paragraph 1 of the State Equal Opportunities for Disabled Persons Act (L-BGG).

This declaration on accessibility applies to the website

1. State of compliance with the requirements

The Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart is continuously improving the range of barrier-free content. Due to technical limitations of the central website or the general conditions of configurable web applications, not all requirements can be implemented at the moment. Due to various completed projects and a constant improvement of the technical possibilities, a high degree of implementation has already been achieved. The central website and the mobile applications are partly compatible with § 10 paragraph 1 of the State Disability Equality Act (L-BGG).

2. Non-accessible contents

The following contents and functions are not compatible with § 10 paragraph 1 L-BGG:

  • Sometimes there are no alternative texts to graphics or pictures,
  • video formats do not include audio description,
  • in some cases no barrier-free PDFs can be offered,
  • on the start page there are currently no explanations in sign language.

3. Preparation of this declaration on accessibility

This declaration was prepared on 01.09.2020.

The declaration was last reviewed on 30.03.2023.

4. Feedback and contact details

The contents of our website should be equally accessible to people with disabilities. If you encounter barriers on our websites and mobile applications, we would like to ask for your help: Please send us an appropriate note with a description of the barrier to our website at the e-mail address website(at)

5. Enforcement procedures

In order to ensure that the website meets the requirements described in § 10 paragraph 1 L-BGG, you can contact the e-mail address website(at) and provide feedback. You will find the relevant contact details under point 4 of this declaration.

If you do not receive an answer to your inquiry from the Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart within the period of time provided for in § 8 sentence 1L-BGG-DVO, or if our answer is not satisfactory, you can contact the representative of the state government for the interests of people with disabilities or the municipal representative for the interests of people with disabilities within the framework of the ombudsman function described in § 14 paragraph 2 sentence 2 L-BGG and § 15 paragraph 3 sentence 2 L-BGG.

You can reach the State Government Commissioner for the Affairs of Persons with Disabilities at the following link:

You can find the contact details of your local representative for the affairs of people with disabilities on the website of the town or district where you have your permanent residence.

Reference is made to the possibility of the right of action by associations under § 12, Subsection 1, Sentence 1, No. 4, L-BGG.