Our recommendation for all first-year students!

Experience has shown that the start of studies in many subjects is strongly dependent on the knowledge of mathematics. For this reason, HFT Stuttgart offers you the opportunity to repeat relevant basics for your studies before you actually start your studies. The SkiLL (Service Centre for competence-based & innovative Learning & Teaching) organises the "Math refresher" especially for first-year students. After the course, you can close any gaps in your knowledge of mathematics and you are well prepared for technical or business studies.

Winter Semester 2023/24:

The Math Refresher for the Winter Semester 2023/24 takes place from 18. - 22.09.2023!

Registration is possible from 20.08. - 17.09.2023.

Further information on the course, e.g. teaching material, classroom etc. can be obtained if you register. 

Eine Fotografie einer Brücke
Math Refresher

During this course I had the opportunity to refresh my school knowledge and get prepared for my studies. At the same time, I got to know my fellow students and made valuable friendships that will surely last for a long time.

[Image: Viktoriia Tymoshchuk]
Viktoria Tymoshchuk, 28,
Student Master Mathematics


The Maths Refresher is suitable for all bachelor's degree students at the HFT Stuttgart from engineering courses and some economics courses. It is not directly relevant for students from the bachelor's programmes in architecture, interior design and business psychology - but they can still participate.

Since participation has repeatedly proven to be helpful for a successful start to studies, the Maths Refresher is strongly recommended for first-year students of Mathematics and Sciences Courses (Bachelor).

No, if you are registered at the HFT Stuttgart you can take advantage of this offer free of charge.

The Math Refresher always starts two weeks before the official start of lectures.

In the mornings there are courses on various mathematical topics, such as

  • Algebra: Basics, calculation techniques, solving equations and inequalities
  • Elementary functions: Power functions, polynomials, logarithm etc.
  • Trigonometry: angle, sine, cosine and tangent function and their properties
  • Depending on the course of study: elementary geometry or basic mathematics in economics or computer science

In the afternoon, tutors from higher semesters lead through exercises and address problems that may have arisen in the course of self-study. Solutions are developed and presented together. Afterwards the topics are deepened in group exercises. The very popular learning app TeachMatics is also used.

Contact person

Sandra Winden
Sandra Winden Sandra.Winden@hft-stuttgart.de +49 711 8926 2312