Scientists at HFT Stuttgart almost always work on an interdisciplinary basis, and have successfully secured and implemented a number of prestigious national and European projects in recent years. The increase in research activities at HFT Stuttgart over the last two decades has led to the development of two key research thrusts characterized by a high level of visibility:

  1. Energy-efficient buildings and sustainable urban development
  2. Technologies for spatial data and simulation

The two thrusts put the multitude of research topics dealt with by the various specialist departments within the university’s three faculties into two nutshells. They also group together the broad range of expertise held by HFT Stuttgart’s researchers, which is organized into nine so-called competence centres.

The thrusts also reflect the strength of research at HFT Stuttgart, as they have both been certified in accordance with the formal criteria set out by the German Rectors’ Conference and adopted into the Conference’s Research Map.

The two research thrusts therefore play a defining role in HFT Stuttgart’s research profile.