Smart Technologies, Processes and Methods

This research thrust deals with research topics in which technologies, processes or methods play a key role. In particular, digital transformation and data-driven processes, e.g. data processing, simulations and artificial intelligence, come into play.

The range of application scenarios covered is very broad. For example, topics related to data-based spatial and mobility planning or the recording and maintenance of city and building inventories are addressed, as are issues related to construction testing and industrial product design. Other work focuses on people who actively use the developed technologies, benefit from them or experience their effects. Here, for example, issues of human-machine interaction for the use of virtual or augmented realities and their connection with sensors are investigated, as are issues of computer-aided teaching, learning and testing.

Many of the technologies, processes and methods explored and developed are based on the processing or utilisation of data. Accordingly, the research thrust covers the entire data processing chain from data acquisition to analysis, modelling and use.

  • With regard to data acquisition, the research work addresses the development and optimal application of suitable measurement methods, sensor technologies and data infrastructures.
  • In terms of analysis and modelling, two main methods are used: simulations of various kinds and artificial intelligence. In addition, other theoretical principles from mathematics, computer science and engineering are also used to solve the respective problems.
  • On the one hand, the possible uses of data visualisations for different applications are being investigated and, on the other hand, research is being carried out into how digital transformation as such can make a useful contribution in various areas.

The solution approaches are based on the expertise of the researchers in five competence centres. This knowledge is then utilised at the interface to other specialist areas in order to develop and test problem-adapted technologies. Accordingly, research activities are often interdisciplinary. Research collaborations take place at a national and international level.

The speaker of the research thrust is Prof. Dr. Dieter Uckelmann. Dr. Sarah Larsen-Vefring is the managing director.

Contact person

Dieter Uckelmann
Dieter Uckelmann +49 711 8926 2632
Sarah Larsen-Vefring
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