Energy-efficient buildings & sustainable urban development

Since 2010, for the first time worldwide, more people live in cities than in the countryside. (Source: Further urbanisation is predicted for the future. Cities are the engines of social, cultural and technological developments. The scarcity of space in densely populated areas has led to the invention of new construction technologies, high-rise buildings and new mobility systems. At the same time, however, global urban growth has also led to an increase in global energy and resource consumption. Around 60% of the energy provided worldwide is currently consumed in buildings (source: City dwellers in Germany suffer more frequently from cardiovascular, lung and mental illnesses than those living in rural areas. With the increasing "heat island effects" predicted by climate change and the growing number of heavy rainfall events, further events will have an impact on the health of city dwellers in the future. Other future challenges lie in demographic change, inclusion and participation. Citizens want to actively shape their city.

The history of mankind is written in their cities.

The HFT Stuttgart has taken on this enormous task and has bundled all the necessary expertise in the research thrust "Energy-efficient buildings and sustainable urban development" (research thrust 1). In total, research active professors from five competence centres work on the topics of urban development, architecture, energy technology, building physics as well as economics and management.

The active professors are closely linked to the Baden-Württemberg Center for Applied Research (BW-CAR), which was founded in 2014. This means that the research profile of the HFT Stuttgart is optimally networked with other researchers from Baden-Württemberg universities of applied sciences, resulting in further synergies. With more than 50 HFT employees within research thrust 1, interdisciplinary projects are increasingly becoming part of everyday research. The project teams also conduct research with partners in practice such as planning, the service sector, industry and municipalities.

The speaker of the research thrust is Prof. Dr.-Ing. Berndt Zeitler. Dr.-Ing. Steffen Wurzbacher is the managing director.

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