Info und Support Desk


There is the Information and Support Desk (IST) of the Information Centre on the ground floor of the library.
The Info and Support Desk Team will answer your questions and help you with issues around the library as well as IT-Services of the university.

Information on IT support

The library team of the Info and Support Desk

provides support with

library use

catalog search

database search

collection of information

is there for you

In the lecture-free period by arrangement / During the semester 11:00 a.m. – 02:30 p.m.  Mo – Fri

Phone: 0711 8926 2928

E-mail: ist(at)

Portal: Service and support portal of the Information Center

The IT team of the Info and Support Desk

provides support with

setup of WLAN and VPN

unlocking your account

password reset


is there for you

During the lecture-free period:
July: Mo - Thu 11 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. -  Fri 11 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
but: 31 July 11 a.m. - 12:00 a.m
August: closed

Please contact during this time:
E-mail: ist(at)
Portal: Service and support portal of the Information Center

Scan Copy Print

Scan images and texts free of charge

Copy machine with scan function and batch processing on the ground floor.
Attention: A student ID card with credit is required to activate the device
Saving: on USB stick

Bookscanner on the 2nd floor (DIN A2)
Saving: on USB stick

Flatbed scanner on the 2nd floor
Saving: on USB stick or after logging in to the university network on the personal drive


Copies for study

At our copy machine on the ground floor, you can only pay with your student ID.

                                        Black and white A4 - 0,05 €

                                        Black and white A3 - 0,10 €

                                         Color A4 - 0,30 €

                                         Color A3 - 0,60 €


Paper is added by the staff.

Printing options

In the library you can only print at the copy machine on the ground floor (all file formats): With the print order (QPilot) via a pool computer of the IZ.

To print you need credit on your student card.
Prices like copying

Detailed information about printing at the HFT can be found on the help pages of the Information Center.



Logo von Citavi


Organizing student research projects

The HFT library provides a free of cost team-campus licence for the reference management program Citavi for the HFT members.


We have compiled information on the installation and use of the program for you in this PDF.

IT-Manuals (RRZN)

From and for universities

These IT-Manuals is the result of the cooperation between over 180 state universities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. They have existed for over 30 years.



In Stuttgart

The HFT Stuttgart is co-supplied with IT-Manuals by the computer centre of the University of Stuttgart (RUS).

Acquisition suggestion

Acquisition suggestion

Can´t find a particular printed book or e-book in the media stock of our library via the HFT catalogue?

In this way, you can make an acquisition suggestion.