Welcome dear future students of the HFT Stuttgart!

We are pleased that you have decided to study at the HFT!

Now comes the next step: enrolment

  1. Your matriculation (= enrolment) in the degree programme begins with the completion of the online enrolment.
  2. In the notification of admission you will see the documents that are required for enrolment and by when these must be submitted to HFT Stuttgart (enrolment deadline). You can send us the requested (certified) paper documents by post or hand them in personally.

    Our address:
    Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart
    Schellingstr. 24
    70174 Stuttgart

    You are also welcome to enrol personally from Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 12:00 in building 1 room 1/124!
    Important note: If you miss the deadline for enrolment or do not enrol in time, your admission will expire!The receipt stamp of the university is decisive for a timely submission in person or by paper mail!
  3. Furthermore, please transfer the semester fee, which is due every semester, as well as the one-time fee of 12 Euro for the student ID card to the account of the Landesoberkasse (see below) and submit the transfer receipt together with the other matriculation documents.

    Account of the Landesoberkasse:
    Recipient: Landesoberkasse Baden-Württemberg
    IBAN: DE02 6005 0101 7495 5301 02
    Reason for payment: 9886960002520, your full name, application no.
  4. If you are subject to the compulsory tuition fees for international students (1500 Euro) or second study tuition fees (650 Euro), you have to transfer the corresponding amount altogether with the above mentioned semester fees as well as the fees for the student ID card to the following bank account:

    Landesoberkasse Baden-Württemberg
    IBAN: DE02 6005 0101 7495 5301 02
    Reason for payment: 9886960002520, your full name, application no.
  5. The pre-study internship report as well as the application for recognition for the Bachleor degree architecture and climate engineering must be submitted to the Registrar's Office by the beginning of the lectures at the latest! Please also note that for some Bachelor's programmes there are special requirements for the proof of the pre-study internship. You can find the corresponding forms here.

Successfully enrolled? This is how it continues:


After you have successfully enrolled (i.e. have submitted all necessary documents in the specified form certified or as a simple copy in due time and have transferred the required fee), you will receive your study documents at the beginning of March for the summer semester and at the beginning of September for the winter semester, as well as useful information about the start of your studies:

  1. To your private e-mail address you will first receive a link to our HFT study start page with lots of compact info. With the temporary access data you receive, you will generate your final access data, which you will need to use the HFT online services (e.g. for setting up your student e-mail account, creating your certificate of enrolment, participating in the Mathebrückenkurs (math's refresher course) and the orientation week, etc.).
  2. Afterwards you will receive your student ID card by paper mail!

You will receive a chip card as student ID. We will send this card to you at the beginning of the semester (March 1/September 1) after successful enrollment.

On the front side, the university logo, your surname and first name, the matriculation number/library number as well as your photo are printed and the validity period is noted.

What can the chip card do?

  • Access to all buildings and to special rooms in your faculty
  • Library card for the HFT Stuttgart
  • Cashless payment at the photocopiers, in the refectories and cafeterias of the Studentenwerk, in the examination office, internship office, additional services of the Faculty of Architecture and Design and in the library. The electronic purse can be recharged with cash or with an EC card at the upgrade devices in the cafeterias and dining halls of the Studierendenwerk.
  • VVS semester ticket valid from Monday to Friday from 18:00 hrs and all day on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays - this means that you can use the entire VVS network free of charge. By purchasing a StudiTicket from the VVS, you can use the local public transport network all day during the semester.

The period of validity must be re-printed after re-registration for the new semester. You do this at the validation device in building 1, 1st floor, atrium on the right.

What happens if I lose the chip card?

Please report this immediately to the Student Secretariat, Building 1, Room 124, where any cards you find will also be handed in so that we can possibly return them to you. Otherwise the previous card will be blocked and a new card will be issued. Attention: The stored credit cannot be refunded by the university!

What does a new chip card cost?

11 Euro. You pay this amount at the paying office, building 1, room 224.1. The paying office is open Monday - Friday from 9 - 12 o'clock.

New chip card - how does it work?

  • You deposit 11 Euros at the payment office, Building 1, Room 224.1. The payment office is open Mondays - Fridays from 9 - 12 o'clock.
  • With the payment receipt you go to the Studierendensekretariat, Bau 1, room 124 and get a new identity card.

What happens if my card is damaged and can no longer be used?

  • You go to the information point of the Studierendenwerk in the Mensa Stadtmitte. There you will be issued with a certificate for the transfer of the existing credit balance in the form of a "Certificate Replacement Card".
  • The next step is to contact Ms. Incatasciato from the IZ, Building 2, Room 001, who will process the background data.
  • You then pay 11 euros into the payment office, Building 1, Room 224.1. The paying office is open Monday - Friday from 9 - 12 o'clock. With the payment receipt you go to the Registrar's Office, Building 1, Room 124 and have a new identity card issued.
  • In the last step, go to the Info-Point again so that the credit is loaded onto the new card.

Can I cash out my electronic balance?

Yes - at the Info-Point I of the Studierendenwerk in the Mensa Stadtmitte.

What data is stored on the chip card?

Matriculation number, library number, validity of the chip card, card sequence number, system number, card type, serial number, version number, access authorization number Only the student secretariat has access to these data. In connection with cashless payment transactions, the current account balance is recorded. The access to the stored data is made anonymous by means of the chip card serial number.

Flyer Studyticket: get informed at a glance!

StudiTickets are a special offer for students. They are a combination of token and composite passport with photo and are not transferable. StudiTickets are valid for 6 calendar months for any number of journeys in the entire VVS network. The validity period of the tokens must be identical to the official semester period of the respective university.

You can order your StudiTicket conveniently online and print it out directly afterwards. With the online StudiTicket, a group pass is no longer required.

Please note: At the time of ordering it is necessary that you are already enrolled at the Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences.

To order the StudiTicket online

Further information:

Price overview & FAQs about StudiTicket