Semester fee

To start and continue their studies (from one semester to the next), students pay a contribution and, if applicable, tuition fees per semester.

The semester contribution of 180,50 € for winter semester 2024/2025 consists of:

  • 96,50 € student union fee
  • 70,00 € semester fee "Verwaltungskostenbeitrag
  • 14,00 € semester fee "Verfasste Studierendenschaft" (student body)

Those who fall under the tuition fee obligation for international students or second tuition fees, pay the fees together with the above-mentioned semester fee in the same period.

You will receive the exact re-registration period by e-mail with further information.

gestapelte Geldmünzen
Admission and continuation of studies
Re-registration procedure
  • The semester fee is paid by bank transfer.
  • Information about individual fee amounts and bank details under Payments
  • Create/print your enrolment certificate (approx. 5 days after transfer) under Certificates/Notifications
  • Overview of the fees paid as from winter semester 23/24


All important information can be found below in the FAQs.

New campus portal for students (STU)

Re-registration into the next semester

Re-registration is the payment of the semester fee. Only the payment of the semester fee secures the right to continue studying. Students who wish to continue their studies in the coming semester must re-register within the re-registration period by paying the semester fee.

Payment must always be made at the beginning of January or July. The semester fee consists of the student union fee, the administrative fee and the fee for the student body. This fee must be paid for each semester in which you are enrolled at the university, i.e. also during a semester on leave, a semester abroad or an internship semester.

If you fall under the tuition fee obligation for international students or second tuition fees, you must pay this amount in the same period together with the semester fee. All procedures described in the rest of the text apply to you as well.

IMPORTANT: Students who do not re-register by paying the semester fee and any tuition fees that may be due will be exmatriculated.

The re-registration and payment will no longer be done in LSF, but from the coming winter semester 2023/24 by bank transfer.

HFT Stuttgart is successively introducing a new campus management system. After the introduction of the application portal, the "Student Management (STU) is now the second step in the changeover. Here, the complete student data of our university will be mapped, managed, displayed and archived. This results, among other things, in changes in the process from the current re-registration for the winter semester 2023/24.

To log in to our new campus portal (, you will need your e-mail access code and e-mail password.

For questions about logging in, please contact the Info and Support Desk at the Information Center.

The semester fee will be paid by bank transfer from winter semester 2023/24. In our new campus portal (student management) under payments you will find your individual fee amount and the bank details for the transfer.

Please be sure to include our cash reference number and your matriculation number in the payment reference so that your payment can be allocated quickly and smoothly.

As an international student you are liable to pay fees and in addition to the semester fee you have to pay 1500 Euro tuition fees every semester. If you are now exempt from paying due to an exemption and you are still shown the international tuition fee, then we are missing a current, updated residence title or a fictitious certificate (or other certificates) confirming the extension of your exemption. Please contact the appropriate contact person and email your residence title/certificate.

No. The amount to be paid does not have to be from your account. Another person can also make the transfer for you. It is important that you state the cash reference number, your matriculation number, as well as your surname and first name when making the transfer.

As soon as you have transferred the required fees and we have received and booked them, you will also find your new enrollment certificate on the new campus portal under "certificates". Since we receive your payments via the central state treasurer's office (LOK), you must allow at least 3 -5 days for the re-registration and certificate of enrollment from the date of the transfer.

There are two possibilities why you have not been re-registered yet:

  1. Possibly the cash reference number was not entered correctly when you made the transfer? We would be happy to check with the Landesoberkasse why your payment could not be booked. To do this, we need a transfer confirmation with exact data. Please contact Michaela Matheis at rueckmeldung(at)
  2. You have a re-registration block. This has not yet been solved or completed. A re-registartion can only take place when the block has been removed or the obstacle has been solved (see next point!).

You cannot re-register because of impediments. In addition to the payment of the semester fee, other evidence must be provided so that you can re-register for the coming semester. If this does not happen during the re-registration period, you will be threatened with de-registration.

Re-registration suspensions could be:

  1. Lack of security briefing: Please complete the training under For further questions please contact the appropriate person in your department directly
  2. Missing credentials: Please reach out to our colleagues in the Student's Affair Office (general e-mail address studsek(at)
  3. Other reasons: Please contact Michaele Matheis at rueckmeldung(at)

Yes, you must re-register in any case to keep your student status. Re-registration is the only way to ensure your status as a student during the semester abroad, internship semester or semester on leave.

We assume that you will successfully complete your studies this semester. If you do not pass an exam, please contact the examination office immediately (rueckmeldung(at), as you are currently blocked from re-registering for the next semester.

  • If you de-register within the 1st month after the start of the lecture, you will receive the contribution shares "administration fees" and "composed student body" back.
  • Repayments must be applied for via the campus portal. After approval of the refund by the Studierendenwerk, the complete payment will be made by the university. This takes place about one month after the start of the semester.
  • The reimbursement of the share of the "Studierendenwerk" must be made directly to the Studierendenwerk within one month after the beginning of the semester. You can also find the necessary form "Antrag auf Rückerstattung des Studierendenwerksbeitrages" in the download area. After approval of the refund, the payment will be made by the university.

Please note the different deadlines and recipients of the application forms mentioned above.

If you have any questions, please contact Michaela Matheis
+49 711 8926 2302

Tuition fees for international students (outside the EU)

Starting in the winter semester 2017/2018, tuition fees will be charged to international students in Baden-Württemberg for Bachelor and consecutive Master programs. This fee is 1,500 € per semester; the re-registration or semester fee is added to this.

At the University of Applied Sciences, this applies to all courses of study except the courses of study "International Project Management" and "Smart City Solutions". Separate tuition fees are charged for these continuing education courses. The tuition fee for foreigners is to be paid by students who start a new course of study from now on. For enrolment or re-registration in the next semester, the total amount must be paid. In the practical semester and the semester on leave of absence you can be exempted from paying the tuition fee for foreign students. Students who were enrolled at a preparatory college in Baden-Württemberg before the beginning of the winter semester 17/18 to prepare for the assessment test do not pay tuition fees for international students in the course of study in which they are enrolled immediately after the successful completion of the assessment test. Basic information from the Ministry can be found here

You are not required to pay tuition fees if one of the three statements applies to you:

Domestic university entrance qualification

  • General qualification for university entrance,
  • subject-related higher education entrance qualification,
  • Advanced technical college entrance qualification,
  • school qualification and delta examination, if the Fachhochschulreife or the subject-related higher education entrance qualification was acquired in Germany,
  • a recognised vocational upgrading examination, provided that it was taken in Germany,
  • vocational qualification and aptitude test, provided that the vocational training and experience was completed in Germany,
  • any other national qualifications recognised by the Ministry of Education.

As a rule of thumb: If you receive BAföG, you are also exempt from the foreigner study fee. You are exempt or possibly exempted from tuition fees if you have a residence permit in Germany not only for the purpose of studying, but for family reasons (e.g. spouse, life partner or child of a German, an EU/EEA citizen or a foreigner with a settlement permit), because you have fled your home country or have an unlimited residence permit for other reasons. You may also be exempt from fees if you have already been living and working in Germany for 5 years or longer. You can find the detailed reasons here

The following are exempt from the obligation to pay tuition fees

  • International students who come to Baden-Württemberg for a temporary stay under mutual state or university agreements,
  • Erasmus students,
  • International students from a partner university who come to the HFT as part of a double degree programme

The staff of the International Student Office will also be happy to assist you as a contact person Upon request, you can be exempted from the obligation to pay tuition fees

  • during a semester of leave of absence, provided that the application was made before the start of the lecture period,
  • during a practical semester of study,
  • as asylum seeker with residence permit,
  • on the basis of a significant disability that makes studying difficult within the meaning of § 2 of Book Nine of the Social Security Code.

It is important: The application must be made before the beginning of the lecture period!

How does the procedure work?

  • If you are admitted you will receive a hearing form by e-mail.
  • If you believe that you are covered by the exemption or exemption regulation, please return the form to us with the relevant evidence (copy of residence permit, passport, passport replacement, official certificate).
  • If you are exempt or exempted, you will then receive a confirmation of the exemption or a notice of exemption from tuition fees.
  • To enroll, please bring your original identification document, residence permit or other proof of residence with you.
  • If you have to pay the tuition fee, you will receive a notification of fees. You must present proof of payment before enrolment.

We can refund the tuition fee

  • if you exmatriculate with immediate effect within one month of the start of the lecture period,
  • if the conditions for the exception were met, but they were unable to prove it until enrolment or re-registration due to an obstacle,
  • prerequisites for a legal exception have been met within one month of the start of the lecture period.

You can find the refund form here

Contact person

Ramona Bromm +49 711 8926 2411

Second Study Fees

Starting in the winter semester 2017/18, the universities in Baden-Württemberg charges second degree fees of 650 € per semester, plus the above mentioned semester fees.

Second tuition fees are payable at the HFT-Stuttgart if

  • you have a degree in an undergraduate course of study and are taking up a second or further course of study in an undergraduate course of study, i.e. you have already obtained a Bachelor's degree in Germany and are now aiming for another one.
  • You have a degree in a consecutive Master's programme and are taking up a second or further course of study in a consecutive Master's programme, i.e. you have already obtained a Master's degree in Germany and are now aiming to obtain another.
  • you are studying several courses of study at several universities in Baden-Württemberg at the same time, i.e. as soon as you have completed the first course of study, you will have to pay second tuition fees for the second course

You do not have to pay second student fees at the HFT-Stuttgart if

  • you have already taken up a second or further course of study in an undergraduate or master's programme before the winter semester 2017/18
  • you are taking up a Master's degree course after completing a Bachelor's degree and this is your first Master's degree course in Germany.
  • you change the subject and/or the course of study without a degree
  • Please note: However, if you as an international applicant have already obtained a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Germany and are now seeking a further Bachelor's or Master's degree at the HFT, this regulation no longer applies.

Exemption from the two-study fees is possible if

  • you take a semester off or do an internship. The application must be submitted by the beginning of the lecture period of the respective semester
  • is a disability that is severe enough to interfere with your studies. The application must be submitted at the beginning of the lecture period of the respective semester.

We can reimburse the tuition fee if

  • you exmatriculate with immediate effect within one month of the start of the lecture period. You can find the application form here


You can find further information here.

Contact person

Ramona Bromm +49 711 8926 2411

Tuition fees for continuing master's degree programs

Master International Project Management & Smart City Solutions

Both the International Project Management and Smart City Solutions master's degree programs are continuing education programs that require tuition fees.

The amount of tuition fees to be paid in each semester can be found in the Fee Schedule below. In addition to the tuition fees, the current semester fee must be paid each semester

No tuition fees are charged during a semester of leave. Only the semester fees are then to be paid. Other fees such as international tuition fees or second tuition fees do not apply.

Possible reductions of tuition fees (e.g. due to raising a child) are listed in the fee regulations of the study program.


From the start of the summer semester 2023

Fee schedule from 20.07.2022

Start of studies before summer semester 2023

Fee schedule IPM from 11.12.2019


Evidence must be provided that a child under the age of 14 is being cared for and raised. The child should live in the applicant student's household. Or it should be proven that a lot of time is invested in the care/raising of a child. The fee reduction for caring for and raising a child is granted regardless of whether the child is legitimate, non-marital, declared legitimate or adopted. Custody is not a determining factor for the fee reduction.

Application for fee reduction(English application) must be made directly to the college prior to the start of classes.

Proofs: Birth certificate and registration certificate of the child and, if applicable, declaration of care and upbringing of a child.



The determination of a significant disability is made according to § 2 para. 1 SGB IX. For a fee reduction, a degree of disability of at least 50 percent must be present or, in the case of chronically ill students, it must be proven on the part of the student that he/she requires more time to complete the course of studies, whether due to medical appointments or also due to the fact that the student requires a longer period of study due to his/her disability.

The application for fee reduction must be submitted directly to the university before the start of lectures.

Proof: Severely disabled student ID or medical certificate stating the difficulty in studying.

If you have any questions, please contact Michaela Matheis
+49 711 8926 2302