Re-registration means the payment of the semester fee. The semester fee is made up of the student union fee, the administration fee and the contribution to the student body. This contribution is to be paid for each semester in which you are enrolled at the university, i.e. also during a semester of leave of absence, a semester abroad or an internship.

Students who wish to continue their studies in the upcoming semester must re-register within the re-registration period by paying the semester fee of 200,40 euros.  Usually, the ayment must be made at the beginning of January or July. This amount is made up of: 120,40 euros student union contribution; 70.00 euros administrative costs contribution and 10.00 euros contribution for the composed student body. Students who fall under the new tuition fee obligation for international students or second degree students will have to pay this amount together with the above mentioned semester fee in the same period. All procedures described in the following text also apply to them.

Re-registration and payment can be made online using the online functions in LSF. You can directly re-register following this Link Before you re-register, please make sure you read the FAQs on re-registration (see below). You will need your e-mail access code and e-mail password to log in. Since payment is made via SEPA, only enter a current account where you are the account holder. Other accounts are not accepted. 14 days after you have registered online, the money will be debited from your current account. In the event of late payment, the total amount will be increased by a late payment surcharge of 16.00 euros. If your account does not have sufficient funds when the semester fees are debited, the bank will refuse payment. The bank charges resulting from this return debit note from your bank must be charged to you, as well as a further administration fee of 16.00 euros. After you have paid the fee, you can use the online functions in LSF to print out an updated certificate of enrolment or other certificates for the new semester. The overwriting (validation) of the imprint on the student card can be done at the validation terminal in Building 1, 1st floor. Students who do not re-register by paying the semester fee and any tuition fees to be paid will be exmatriculated.

Answers to frequently asked questions can be found under FAQs for feedback (see below). For questions regarding login, please contact the Info and Support Counter at the Information Center.

Contact person for re-registration and tuition fees.

What happens if I forget to re-register? You will receive a reminder letter from the university with an additional period of time for late re-registration (late fee of 16.00 Euro extra). If you do not pay the increased semester fee even within this grace period, you will be exmatriculated at the end of the semester due to lack of re-registration.

When will the semester fee be debited? Approximately 14 days after successful re-registration via the online functions, the fees will be debited from your account by direct debit.

I made a mistake when entering the bank details. Can I change these data afterwards? No, unfortunately this is not possible. Please wait for the payment request from the university. We will inform you how you can still successfully re-register.

My account was not covered? What do I have to do? If the semester fee cannot be debited from your account, additional fees have to be paid. You will receive a request for payment from the university with further instructions. Please wait for this letter.

Do I have to re-register if I am studying abroad for a semester, doing an internship semester or a semester on leave? Yes, you have to re-register, because the Studentenwerk fee, the administrative costs fee and the contribution to the student body have to be paid during the semester abroad, the internship semester or the semester on leave.

I am a graduate and am still writing exams. What do I do if I do not pass an exam? We assume that you will successfully complete your studies this semester. Therefore, please do not register back as a precaution. If you do fail an exam, please contact us immediately, as you are currently blocked from re-registering.

Can I re-register as a graduate if I complete my studies this semester? No, in this case you may not re-register. You will be exmatriculated ex officio at the end of the semester and are blocked from re-registering

Under what conditions is the Studentenwerk fee and/or the administrative cost contribution refunded? If you are de-registered within the 1st month after the start of the lecture, you will be refunded the contribution portions "administrative fees" and "composed student body". To do so, send the application form "Application for reimbursement of semester fees" to the university immediately, together with your student ID (or proof that the ID is invalid, i.e. not validated for the new semester). The reimbursement of the "Studierendenwerk's" share must be submitted directly to the Studierendenwerk within one month after the beginning of the semester. The necessary form "Application for reimbursement of the Studierendenwerkbeitrag" can also be found in the download area. Please note the different deadlines and recipients of the application forms mentioned above.

I receive the message that I have been blocked for re-registration Please contact the person named in the message text

Students may be granted leave of absence for good cause upon application. As a rule, leave of absence can be granted for up to two semesters in total. The semester of leave of absence must be applied for before the start of lectures of the respective semester. The reason for the leave of absence must be proven by suitable evidence. Retroactive leave of absence for a completed semester is excluded.

You will receive written notification of the approval or rejection of your application.

Important reasons for leave of absence are, for example:

  • Illness
  • Study plan-related suspension in the case of half moves (these are courses of study that only begin once a year)
  • Practical activity that serves the study objective
  • Study at a foreign university or language school
  • Forthcoming birth and/or care of a child
  • Care of a spouse or parent
  • Other important reasons

Please note:

  • Leave semesters do not count as semesters of study. However, the number of subject semesters or a semester of leave of absence can have an effect on BAföG and child benefit.
  • A leave of absence in the first semester is generally not possible, unless the leave of absence is due to maternity protection or according to the Parental Leave Act or the Nursing Leave Act.
  • Students on leave of absence are not entitled to attend courses and use university facilities - with the exception of students on maternity or parental leave or students on leave of absence due to the law on care leave. The use of the library and facilities of the Information Centre is permitted.
  • It is not possible to take exams and preliminary exams. This does not apply to students on maternity or parental leave or on leave due to the Pflegezeitgesetz (law on care leave).
  • The crediting of practical activities during the semester of leave to the supervised practical study project is excluded.
  • Financial or economic considerations are not important reasons.

During a semester of leave of absence the full semester fee is due!

You can find the application for leave of absence in our Moodle course "Study Organisation".

The membership of students in the university expires with the de-registration. The de-registration can be done on your own application or ex officio. "Ex officio" means, for example, if the degree certificate has been handed out, the right to take the examination has been lost, the semester fee has not been paid on time or the health insurance contributions have not been paid within a certain period of time.

As a rule, de-registration becomes effective at the end of the semester in which it is pronounced. Retroactive de-registration is not possible. If there are special reasons, it can be pronounced with immediate effect.

A notice of de-registration is issued or a certificate is issued. For students who are subject to compulsory health insurance, the university must report the de-registration to the responsible health insurance company.

The application for a leave of absence can be found in our Moodle course "Study Organization".

Contact person

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