Students may be granted leave of absence for good cause upon application. As a rule, leave of absence can be granted for up to two semesters in total. The semester of leave of absence must be applied for before the start of lectures of the respective semester. The reason for the leave of absence must be proven by suitable evidence. Retroactive leave of absence for a completed semester is excluded.

You will receive written notification of the approval or rejection of your application.

Important reasons for leave of absence are, for example:

  • Illness
  • Study plan-related suspension in the case of half moves (these are courses of study that only begin once a year)
  • Practical activity that serves the study objective
  • Study at a foreign university or language school
  • Forthcoming birth and/or care of a child
  • Care of a spouse or parent
  • Other important reasons

Financial or economic circumstances are not important reasons.

Please note:

  • Leave semesters do not count as semesters of study. However, the number of subject semesters or a semester of leave of absence can have an effect on BAföG and child benefit.
  • A leave of absence in the first semester is generally not possible, unless the leave of absence is due to maternity protection or according to the Parental Leave Act or the Nursing Leave Act.
  • Students on leave of absence are not entitled to attend courses and use university facilities - with the exception of students on maternity or parental leave or students on leave of absence due to the law on care leave. The use of the library and facilities of the Information Centre is permitted.
  • It is not possible to take exams and preliminary exams. This does not apply to students on maternity or parental leave or on leave due to the Pflegezeitgesetz (law on care leave).
  • The crediting of practical activities during the semester of leave to the supervised practical study project is excluded.

During a semester of leave of absence the full semester fee is due!

You can find the application for leave of absence in our Moodle course "Study Organisation".

The membership of students in the university expires with the de-registration. The de-registration can be done on your own application or ex officio. "Ex officio" means, for example, if the degree certificate has been handed out, the right to take the examination has been lost, the semester fee has not been paid on time or the health insurance contributions have not been paid within a certain period of time.

As a rule, de-registration becomes effective at the end of the semester in which it is pronounced. Retroactive de-registration is not possible. If there are special reasons, it can be pronounced with immediate effect.

A notice of de-registration is issued or a certificate is issued. For students who are subject to compulsory health insurance, the university must report the de-registration to the responsible health insurance company.

The application for a leave of absence can be found in our Moodle course "Study Organization".

If you have any questions, the Student Affairs Office will be happy to assist you