Dear freshmen: Welcome to the HFT Stuttgart!

We want the start of your studies with us to be as pleasant, easy and well informed as possible! To help with that, we have compiled the most important information for you compactly on this page!

Important To Do's:

Activation of your access data

Completion of the English placement test (if mandatory)

Mandatory participation in the online security briefing (see appointment).

Dates in view:

Math refresher course 27 Feb. - 3 March 2023 (attendance).

Bachelor semester opening & orientation week 06.-09.03.2023 (presence)

Master's semester opening & isolated introductory events

Start of lectures: 13 March 2023

Well-informed and well-supported: Offers for international full-time students, Zoom group, peer mentoring program for first-year students (Bachelor) and FAQs

This is how you get your HFT login credentials:

You have received temporary access data from us by email to your private email addresses. Please log in with these via the following link and finally activate your final access data:

Questions/Problems? Contact Student Affairs Office.

With your login credentials you have access to the following HFT online services

HFT online services

Online services of HFT Stuttgart:

Moodle = learning platform, forms
Webmail = your university email address, to which we will send all important information in the future.
LSF-Portal = Your personal portal for study certificates, lecture schedules, exam registration and more.
Confluence = Info portal of the HFT.

More information:

Extensive information can be found on the help page of our information center in Confluence

Links to our online services can be found at any time at

Self-Perform English Placement Test

until 06.03.2023 (24 o'clock)

English placement test with Speexx

  1. Free registration with the HFT account
  2. Independent completion of the English placement test with the language learning software Speexx.
  3. After the test evaluation you will receive an email from fremdsprachen(at) about the further procedure.

Required for the following bachelor's degree programs:

  • Computer Science
  • Digitalisation and Information Management
  • Information Systems
  • Mathematics
  • Surveying & Geoinformatics
  • Industrial Engineering Construction & Real Estate

Math refresher course

Prepare yourself as well as you can for your Bachelor's studies and close any math-related knowledge gaps you may have!

The math refresher course will take place in the summer semester 2023 from 27.02.- 03.03.2023 in presence!

Registration is possible from 30.01.- 26.02.2023.

We highly recommend our math refresher course to all first-year students in engineering and some business programs. Further information on the bridge course, e.g. course times, etc., can be obtained after registration, here.

Mandatory general safety training - correct behavior in hazardous and emergency situations.

Your well-being and safety is important to us! At the beginning of your studies, we conduct a general safety briefing at HFT Stuttgart. For special practical labaratory courses with a greater risk potential, you will be briefed separately in each case depending on the occasion.

You will be instructed by the respective safety officer of your faculty regarding general safety-relevant topics to avoid hazards.

Online participation in the general safety instruction is mandatory (duration: approx. 30 min).

Dates for safety instruction by faculty

Die Glasfront der Bibliothek

Faculty A Architecture and Design

Bachelor degree programs

Tuesday, 07 March 18:00-19:00

Online safety briefing via Zoom

Code: 815509


Master programs

During the introductory session. You will receive the info directly from the respective study program.

Der Lichthof voller Menschen von oben

Faculty B Civil Engineering, Building Physics and Economics

Bachelor's degree programs

BWL, BBI: Tuesday, 07 March 18:00-19:00
Online safety briefing via Zoom
code: 565497

WP, ISM and WBI: Wednesday, 08 March 18:00-19:00
Online safety briefing via Zoom
code: 609473

Master's degree programs

Wednesday, 15 March 15:00-16:00

Online safety training via Zoom

Code: 937789


Dozentin und Studierende im Hörsaal

Faculty C Surveying Informatics Mathematics

Bachelor and Master DPT

Tuesday, 07 March 18:00-19:00

Online safety briefing via Zoom

Code: 021765

Master (German & English speaking)

During the introductory session. You will receive the info directly from the respective study program.

Exception DPT: together with the Bachelor programs (see left).

Study programs & contact Faculty safety officers

Bachelor's degree programs:

  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • ClimateEngineering

Master's programs:

  • Architecture
  • Urban Planning
  • IPM and SCS

Safety Officer:

Nicole Wanner



Bachelor's degree programs:

  • Civil Engineering (BB)
  • Infrastructure Management (ISM)
  • Civil Engineering and Business Management (WBI)
  • Building Physics (BP)
  • Business Administration (BW)
  • Business Psychology (WP)

Master's degree programs:

  • Construction Process Management
  • Building Physics
  • General Management
  • Geotechnics/Tunneling
  • Structural Engineering
  • SENCE - Sustainable Energy Competence
  • Environmentally Oriented Logistics
  • Traffic Infrastructure Management
  • Business Psychology

Safety Officer:

Ursula Müller

Bachelor's degree programs:

  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics
  • Information Logistics
  • Surveying and Geoinformatics
  • Business Information Systems

Master's programs:

  • Digital Processes and Technologies
  • Mathematics
  • (Photogrammetry and Geoinformatics)
  • (Software Technology)
  • Surveying

Safety Officer:

Adriana Lalegname

Further to the safety instruction

Please confirm your participation electronically following the safety briefing that has taken place. You will receive more detailed information from the safety officer when the safety training is carried out.

At the beginning of your studies at HFT Stuttgart, you are required to attend a general safety briefing.

If you are unable to attend this safety briefing for valid reasons, you will receive a make-up date by e-mail to your HFT address during the first week of lectures.

No. However, at the end of the first year of study (and further at intervals of one year each thereafter), you will be required to refresh your knowledge and understanding regarding the safety-related topics.

You will receive an e-mail with a request to answer questions on the contents of the safety instruction as part of an online test. You can only re-register for the next semester, i.e. continue your studies as scheduled, if you pass the safety test.

Important information about the start at the HFT Stuttgart

Optimal start to Bachelor studies!

During the orientation week, (Bachelor) first-year students have the opportunity to get to know the university, the individual institutions, as well as their teachers and other students.

We strongly recommend that all students take part, as this will enable you to make valuable contacts and obtain relevant information for your studies even before the actual start of your studies.

When: Monday 06.03. - Thursday 09.03.2023

Please refer to your schedule of the preparation week for the time of the semester opening on 06.03.2023.

Already on Monday you can expect a very informative and exciting introduction day: central institutions of the HFT as well as the city of Stuttgart will introduce themselves at the info market.

Schedule and further information on our website in the section Orientation Week.

Vogelperspektive der HFT Stuttgart
06-09 March 2023
Peer Mentoring Program for First Semester Students (Bachelor)

As part of the peer mentoring program, you will be supported by students from higher semesters during the orientation week and during your first time at HFT Stuttgart. The mentors are already experienced in studying and will tell you at eye level what is necessary for successful studying.

Planned are:

- regular consultation hours for questions about your studies
- cross-study events
- short videos on central topics of everyday study life

Curious? You can find more information at Confluence.

From Students for students
Information for our future Master students

Master students do not have an orientation week, but usually start with the beginning of lectures according to the lecture schedule. The opening of the semester by the rectorate will take place on Monday, 6 March 2023 at 15:00 in the auditorium.

Beforehand, you have the opportunity to inform yourself about central facilities of the HFT and the city of Stuttgart at the Info Market at 12:00 in Building 1, ground floor.

Introductory events in some Master's programs are offered, see the following information.

Die Säulen und Geländer des HfT-Gebäudes
Your start at the HFT

You will receive more detailed information about the introductory events and, if applicable, corresponding access data for online introductions by e-mail directly from the study programs! In some study programs, the safety briefing also takes place within the framework of the introductions.

We have already received these dates:

  Monday, 13 March 2:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. in room 3/324 (building  3, 3rd level)
Digital Processes and Technologies

Kick-Off: Monday, 6 March 2023, 5:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m., on-site and online via Zoom (dates will be sent directly by the program director)


Monday, 13 March 9.00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. in building 8, room 0.23

Software Technology Monday, 13 March, 9.45 a.m. in bulding 2, room 433


Offerings for international full-time students

Viele Personen halten eine Fahne verschiedener Länder in die Luft

The International Student Office ("ISO") is the first point of contact for you!

We offer a wide range of services for

International full-time first-year students in German-language degree programs:

Buddy program and orientation offers (e.g. welcome breakfast) especially for the start of studies, workshops on key qualifications, counseling and leisure activities, etc.

Exchange students & English-speaking Master Degree students:

Buddy program and welcome reception at the start of studies, meeting opportunitiesand leisure activities with other international as well as German students, support with questions, and much more....

Useful information about studying and living in Stuttgart can be found in our welcome brochure "Welcome to Stuttgart".

Further offers at the HFT: German language courses and scholarships for international students.

Contact the ISO and more information can be found here.

Start your studies well oriented and informed:

Who do I contact?

Student Affairs Office

Study degree Office

  • Concerns specific to the study degree
  • Assistance with online services etc.
  • Contact the staff in your degree program (see homepage).
Central Student Advisory Service (ZSB)

The Central Student Advisory Service supports you at the start of your studies and accompanies you on your way through your studies. We offer you individual counseling, open office hours and study-accompanying offers so that you can successfully get through your studies!

Our counseling is independent, confidential and at eye level.

E-mail: studienberatung(at)

You will find us in Building 1 | Room 021

Contact and Info.

Optimal advice right from the start

"HFT for you - News Feed for the start of your studies"!

Tips and tricks and much more from the beginning to the end of the first semester!

This Zoom channel offers as a group chat (comparable to a WhatsApp group) a lot of info, tips and tricks around the start of your studies until the end of your first semester*! The group is primarily intended for first-year Bachelor students. However, new Master's students are of course also welcome!

How it works:

  • Download the mobile app (Apple orGoogle Play)
  • Log invia SSO with your HFT credentials
  • Click on Contacts and the + symbol
  • SelectJoin a Public Channel
  • Join HFT for you channel and
  • from 6 march 2023 get the news and insides!

Instructions and details in moodle.

*All information is always available on the HFT website. Zoom group is a voluntary service, all info about privacy policy can be found here.

Info, Tips & Tricks from & March.

You may be wondering as you begin your studies:

  • Go to the LSF portal
  • Log in with the access data
  • "My functions" and "Study administration".
  • "Select "Certificate of enrollment
  • Print enrollment certificate

If you are applying for BAföG, you can also immediately print the certificate according to § 9 BAföG (to form 2) as well as BVG, LAG. Please hand in this certificate together with form 2 to the BAföG office. Form 2 does not need to be additionally signed and stamped by the Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences.

The lecture schedule is available from the beginning of March or mid-September:

In LSF you will find your lecture plan under "Events" and "Course Plans". Now choose the plan for your semester association. We have provided you with the abbreviation for this in the mail we sent you at the start of your studies.

Please note that there can always be changes in the schedule!

The schedule (semester/lecture times, registration/deregistration for exams, events, etc.) for the current and subsequent semesters can be found in the events section of this website.

Foreign languages are capitalized at the HFT Stuttgart! The HFT offers five languages in four different course types and three language levels.

Information under the following link (see: In Studies/Additional Courses/Languages).


Now we wish you a good start and much success & fun in your studies!