How is a product launched? When do I make an investment? How can employees be motivated and what impact does sustainability have on the company organisation? Among others, students of the Bachelor of Business Adminitration are dealing with those questions. We at the University of Applied Sciences HFT Stuttgart provide practical training in small semester groups right in the centre of Stuttgart. The focus of our study program is on entrepreneurial thinking and acting. Our students learn to understand market opportunities, develop resources and use them effectively. We work with case studies, planning and simulation games, as well as project seminars - all in the spirit of "learning by doing"!

Application deadline

by 15th July for the winter semester
by 15th January for the summer semester

Study time

6 Semester

Study title

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


Admission requirements

To successfully apply for the Bachelor of Business Administration at the HFT Stuttgart, the following requirements must be met:

  • General higher education entrance qualification, subject-related higher education entrance qualification, advanced technical college entrance qualification or equivalent foreign educational qualifications.

Demands on prospective students

We are the right place for students who

  • have an interest in economic relationships and entrepreneurial issues
  • think analytically and have a good understanding of numbers
  • are interested in learning new languages and foreign cultures
  • take responsibility for themselves and their studies and work in a goal-oriented manner,
  • are enthusiastic about innovations
  • and wish to receive the most practical training possible.

Requirements fulfilled? Please click here to apply:


What we can offer

We provide a generalist education in all economically relevant subjects in small semester groups. In addition to general basics, we offer great flexibility in the choice of subjects in the main study period. Individual priorities can be set according to personal interests and professional goals. The profiles "Strategy and Organisation", "Finance", "Industry and Services Management" and "General Management" are available for selection. We include current challenges and issues such as digitalisation, industry 4.0 and globalisation.

Our students receive a broad education in business administration with opportunities for professional and personal profile development. Due to our small semester groups we can offer individual support.

Prof. Dr. Melanie Mühlberger [Image: HFT Stuttgart]
Prof. Dr. Melanie Mühlberger,
Dean Business Administration

Our students have great possible flexibility in organising their studies. As a rule, they complete their studies after successfully passing all modules of the first six semesters with 180 ECTS-CP and the title "Bachelor of Arts" (B.A.) in Business Administration, accredited by FIBAA. In addition, the Bachelor Plus or International Business degree courses offer two options for expanding your studies.

Basic studies

In the first two semesters we teach the basics of business administration as well as the fundamentals of economics. Furthermore, important knowledge in financial mathematics, statistics and scientific work is taught. In addition, our students learn another foreign language from the first year of study - either Spanish, Chinese or Japanese.


Advanced studies

Students in the third semester choose three electives - according to their personal interests and professional goals. The lectures are then usualy read in the fourth semester. In order to make the choice easier, we offer the following profiles for orientation along different professional perspectives after graduation:

  • Strategy and Organisation
  • Finances
  • Industry and Services Management
  • General Management

At the same time, the knowledge gained from the basic studies is further intensified and important key qualifications are imparted. Individual lectures and events will be held in English.


Supervised Practical Study Project

Part of the advanced study phase is the supervised practical study project. Our students spend four to six months in a company of their choice in Stuttgart or abroad in order to put the knowledge they have acquired so far into practice.


Bachelor Thesis

In the sixth semester, our students write their Bachelor's thesis in cooperation with a company. The topics often arise from the supervised practical study project and are coordinated by the student with the contact person in the company and the supervising professor at the HFT Stuttgart. The Bachelor thesis often already enables the transition to a promising career.


Bachelor Plus

The Bachelor Plus is an extension of one semester with the aim of further deepening the knowledge and skills already acquired and increasing the qualifications and chances of a three-semester Master's degree. Our students study another semester and complete their studies after seven semesters with 210 ECTS-CP and the title "Bachelor of Arts" (B.A.) in Business Administration, accredited by FIBAA.


International Business

The "International Business" course is characterised by the special offer of a year abroad. If the students are interested in an international specialisation, they spend two semesters at a foreign partner university and complete their studies with 240 ECTS-CP and the title "Bachelor of Arts" (B.A.) in Business Administration, accredited according to FIBAA. Depending on the destination, this year of study abroad is combined with a double degree programme. In this case, our graduates also receive a second Bachelor's degree from our partner university, e.g. the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from Metropolia University in Helsinki, Finland.


Quality requirements exceeded

We are successfully accredited according to the FIBAA guidelines. Our Bachelor's Programme in Business Administration is particularly distinguished:

  • Internationalisation
  • Positioning on the job market for graduates
  • Counselling of students
  • Integration of theory and practice
  • Tutorials in teaching
  • Supervision of students by teaching staff


Bachelor business administration students-work-on-whiteboard.jpg

Strategy and Organisation


  • Marketing & Sales
  • Human Resources Management
  • Corporate Management & Controlling
  • Service Management


  • Consulting / Management Consulting
  • Personnel Management / Human Resources
  • Sales and marketing
  • Marketing / Communication
  • Operational market research
  • Controlling / Corporate management
Bachelor business administration bell curve-Gauss.jpg



  • Tax Advice & Atructuring
  • Balance Sheet Policy & Analysis
  • Corporate Management & Controlling
  • Financial Services & Capital Markets


  • Consulting / Management Consulting
  • Financial Accounting
  • Controlling
  • Auditing
  • Balance sheet / accounting
  • Treasury
  • Examination system / Audit
  • Administrative audit
Bachelor business administration students-in-library.jpg

Industry and Services Management


  • Procurement & Logistics
  • Service Management
  • Product & Quality Management


  • Consulting / Management Consulting
  • Procurement / purchasing
  • Logistics / Supply Chain Management
  • Quality Management / Auditor
  • Production Management
  • Technology / process management

General Management


  • Combined modules from the top three profiles


  • Width Alignment
  • Particularly useful for setting up and taking over a business

Practical Experience

With the bachelor's degree in business administration, we provide training for "real" professional life: Practical studies are focussed and can be understand as the central thread running through all phases of the study programme.


of our professors have professional experience in economics.


of our students write the Bachelor Thesis in cooperation with a company.


associate lecturers impart knowledge and hands-on mentality of practical experience directly into the lecturer hall.

Bachelor Business Administration-Hands-Oriented-Card.jpg

Cooperation and academic partnerships

Strong partners

Our academic partnerships aim to intensify cooperation between companies on the one hand and science, teaching and research on the other. Our students benefit from this throughout their studies.


  • DATEV e.G.
  • ECR Germany
  • TÜV South Academy
  • Stuttgart Stock Exchange
  • McKesson Europe
  • GIM, Heidelberg
  • IG-Metall, Frankfurt
Bachelor business administration students-beim-lernen.jpg

Additional qualifications

Learning concepts

Our students have the opportunity to acquire additional certificates and qualifications in the fields of tax consultancy, auditing and accounting as well as quality management, which are recognised throughout Germany. In addition, they can obtain initial certification in the field of accounting, in particular through the DATEV driving licence.


  • DATEV driving licence
  • TÜV-Süd Akademie: Quality Management
Ein Studierender sitzt an einem Tisch und lernt

Supervised practical study project

Collecting Practical Experience

Our students gain real work experience during the practical semester in a company of their choice. During the 5th semester, we will of course remain in close contact with the students and continue to support them during the practical semester.

Exmples of Industry

  • Automobile
  • Electrical industry
  • Service
  • Advice
  • Banks
  • Insurance
  • Auditing


Lecturer and Students-in-Lecture Hall.jpg

Guest Lectures & Excursions

Company Cooperations

Throughout all semesters, we regularly integrate guest lectures by experts from the business world into our courses. Current lecture topics are taken up by excursions. Thus, experts from a wide range of sectors provide insights into professional practice.

Meeting guests

  • Consulting
  • Tax consultancy
  • Logistics service provider
  • Recruitment agency
Bachelor business administration text on PC.jpg

Bachelor Thesis

Theory meets Practical Experience

The majority of our students write their final Bachelor's thesis in cooperation with a company of their choice. This is wanted, encouraged and supported.

Examples of Industry

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Automobile
  • Financial service
  • Logistics
  • Energy supply
  • Tax consultancy
  • Auditing


Studying in Scotland was definitely the right decision. It is easy to make contact with other exchange students and quickly improve your language skills significantly through daily use.

Mathis R.,
Exchange Student Napier University Schottland

During my semester abroad in Oviedo I had the opportunity to immerse myself in Spanish life and to meet people from all over the world. It was an unforgettable time, with great experiences and exciting challenges.

Studentin-Christine-A. [Image: HFT Stuttgart]
Christine A. ,
Exchange Student Oviedo University in Spanien


Our students are practically oriented and have a broad profile. They are qualified to take on business management tasks in all areas of large, medium-sized or small commercial enterprises, in consulting firms, research institutions or in the public sector. Different specialisations in the focal phase of the study programme enable students to concretise their profiles for career prospects in the areas of "Strategy and Organisation", "Finance", "Industry and Service Management" and "General Management". Our students' diverse career starts prove the broadly based study profile: whether an entry in an international group or in a family business in the Stuttgart economic region, whether in the automotive industry or in a service company, the careers of our students are as varied as the industries.