Studying abroad - We offer the opportunity to study in an exotic country and having the chance to get to know the country and its people as a part of the International Business study course. In addition to the traditional semester abroad, we offer our students the opportunity to spend a whole year studying at one of our partner universities. Students can gain valuable experience, make international contacts and can deepen their language skills. The International Business course follows on from the six-semester Bachelor of Business Administration.

Application deadline

During the Bachelor Programm Business Administration

Study time

8. Semester

Study title

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) option: double degree B.A. (hons) or BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)


Students who are interested in the program can apply during their main course of studies in the Bachelor of Business Administration (Bachelor of Arts). During the course of studies we offer regular information events and individual study guidance.


  • Above-average performance during the course of study.
  • At least good knowledge of foreign languages (English, Spanish or Chinese).
  • 180 completed ECTS-CP.
  • A pronounced interest in foreign cultures.
  • A portion of curiosity and flexibility.


Tuition fees at the host university are generally not incurred by students in the "International Business" course. Only for the academic year in Edinburgh are there moderate fees of £1,820 (as of 18/19). The academic year in Finland is currently free of tuition fees. We are happy to provide information about funding opportunities at our information events on the International Business study course.

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We can offer

Digitalisation and globalisation are driving many companies to align their business processes internationally. We at the HFT Stuttgart also take these megatrends seriously and offer an extended course in International Business following the six-semester Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. Students who want to start their career in a globally operating company are prepared for an international career by this course of studies.

We provide a sound and generalist education in all economically relevant modules and also offer a strong profile of language and intercultural skills. Students complete their basic studies at the HFT within six semesters in Stuttgart.


This is followed by the opportunity to study two further semesters at one of our foreign partner universities. At the partner university, the students can continue their study focus chosen in the 4th semester from the profiles and/or choose additional subjects. In this way they sharpen their qualification profile with regard to employability. The study contents that our students choose at the partner university are closely coordinated with us in advance. At the end of the eighth semester students complete their studies with a total of 240 ECTS-CP, accredited according to FIBAA, and two partner universities also award a second degree.


Why International Business?

  • The acquisition of additional professional qualifications is noted on the diploma.
  • You will acquire advanced language skills.
  • You benefit from international experience combined with sound intercultural competence.
  • The year abroad is not counted towards the maximum number of semesters.
  • Our graduates benefit from optimal career opportunities.

We are successfully accredited according to the FIBAA guidelines. Our Bachelor's Programme in Business Administration is particularly distinguished:

  • Internationalization
  • Positioning on the job market for graduates
  • Counselling of students
  • Integration of theory and practice
  • Tutorials in teaching
  • Supervision of students by teaching staff



Within the supervised practical study project, students spend a semester in the company of their choice and gain their first practical experience. This BPS can optionally be completed abroad and thus offers the perfect linguistic and cultural preparation for the year abroad.

Further information Supervised Practical Study Project


Our partner universities of applied sciences for a year abroad:


Spanish is not only one of the most widely spoken languages worldwide. The population growth in Latin America is also far above average - a sound knowledge of Spanish and experience in the Spanish-speaking economic area is therefore an ideal professional qualification.

Mexico-Look at Ruins.jpg


Spanish as a world language is a sought-after competence. The knowledge of Spanish acquired in the basic studies can also be optimally applied in the European area.

Historical Campus Oviedo-Spain.jpg


Due to its economic relations with Europe, which have grown over decades, Taiwan is particularly well suited to learn a Chinese language and familiarize itself with Chinese economic and cultural areas.

White House-on-Tatung-Campus.jpg


Those who spend their year abroad in Scotland not only gain further professional training, but are also rewarded at the same time by improving their foreign language skills in English, the language of global business.



Finland is still considered a northern exotic destination for a stay abroad, but it is worth studying here: the Finnish higher education system is considered one of the best in the world. In addition to Finnish and Swedish, English as the third official language makes the stay interesting for many German students.


The stay abroad in Mérida in Mexico was one of the most beautiful and interesting experiences I had during my studies of business administration. Mexico not only offers the opportunity to significantly improve your Spanish language skills, but also has a lot to offer in terms of culture, scenery and interpersonal skills.

Lena-C.-Auslandsstudentin.jpg [Image: HFT Stuttgart]
Lena C.,
Exchange student Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan


With our Bachelor International Business course we offer our students the opportunity to prepare for a career in an international context. The additional one-year period abroad qualifies students on the one hand through excellent language skills and intercultural experience, and on the other hand through studies at foreign partner universities. The option of a double degree is made possible by our cooperation with the Edinburgh Napier University in Scotland and the Finnish Metropolia University in Helsinki.

Extended foreign language skills, experience abroad and internationally oriented study contents put our students in a very good position with regard to careers in internationally operating companies. This makes our graduates interesting candidates for globally operating groups, especially in the Stuttgart metropolitan region.