The natural environment is increasingly affected by the strong growth in global freight transport. Our Master's programme aims to take this development into account by providing future logistics professionals with the appropriate tools and skills for the sustainable development of logistics. With the establishment of Germany's first master's degree course in green logistics, the University of Applied Sciences is thus playing a pioneering role in helping to shape future-oriented, innovative and environmentally compatible logistics.

Application deadline

15 June (15 Mai applicants from non-EU countries)

Study time

4 Semester

Study title

Master of Science (M.Sc.)


For whom is the Master's programme in Green Logistics suitable

Our Master's programme in Green Logistics is aimed at prospective students with an economic or technical background who are looking for new and innovative ways to make the logistics sector more sustainable. If you are looking for an practical and future-oriented logistics master with a high level of practical experience, you have come to the right place!

Admission requirements

In order to apply successfully for the Master's programme in Green Logistics, the following requirements must be met:

  • Above-average university degree - grade 2.5 or better (bachelor's degree, diploma or equivalent) in the fields of logistics, computer science, economics or engineering or correspondingly combined fields of study (e.g. information logistics, industrial engineering)
  • At least 6 semesters (3 years) full-time studies (180 CP / 1 CP = 30h workload)
  • Letter of motivation with personal ideas and expectations of the studies and the desired profession (max. 1 page DIN A4)


For foreign applicants: Proof of German language skills of applicants who have acquired their university degree at a non-German-speaking university according to § 1 No.3 Certificate of the Studienkolleg Konstanz on the recognition of the acquired educational certificates from the country of origin. This must be submitted together with the certificate from the country of origin and a translation into German as well as the German language certificate.

Please be aware that the courses are mainly taught in German language!

Selection procedure

Our study programme has an admission restriction of 24 places. This enables us to guarantee students a familiar environment with individual support. In addition, there is an internal selection procedure based on the Hochschulvergabeordnung (HVVO).


Documents to be submitted

  • Certificate of the first professional university degree
  • CV
  • Letter of motivation
  • university entrance qualification certificate

For foreign applicants

(For further information, please refer to the Selection and Admission Rules).

All documents complete? We look forward to receive your application!


Course of studies

In our course of studies, logistical, technological and strategic contents merge with sustainability and environmental topics. This gives students the opportunity to learn transdisciplinarily beyond individual areas, and a large part of the course of study also includes practice-oriented content. This should make it easier for our students to put their theoretical knowledge into practice and prepare them in the best possible way for their career start.

Presence phase

During their basic studies, students deepen and broaden their knowledge and skills in the fields of logistics, environment and IT. During this attendance phase, group work and smaller project work is carried out in addition to study work.

The following modules are taught:

  • Logistics processes
  • Environmental Technologies
  • Information Technologies
  • Environment and logistics
  • Transport Management
  • Sustainability
  • Logistics Management
  • Logistics Process Management
  • Environmental Management
  • Logistics Systems
  • Corporate Strategy

Practice phase

In the third semester we offer students the opportunity to apply and develop their knowledge and skills in practice.

Students have 3 choices in this phase:

  • Internship in Germany
  • Internship abroad
  • Semester abroad at one of our numerous partner universities or as a freemover

Master Thesis

The Master's thesis will take up the entire fourth semester. The topics are individually tailored to the research and application interests of our students. The Master's thesis is often written in cooperation with a company. Topics and company cooperations may result from the preceding practical phase.



The logistics industry is currently facing major challenges. Climate protection targets, rising energy costs and declining availability of resources are forcing the industry to change. This is precisely where the master course green logistics comes in. After all, in order to preserve the natural environment and comply with stricter environmental protection laws, qualified and sustainably oriented logistics experts are needed. Our course of studies provides recommendations for action and measures to increase the environmental compatibility of logistics. The focus is on sustainable and adaptive logistics methods as well as innovative technologies and logistics systems.


We make the differences

UmLog Studierende sitzen an einem Tisch im Logistiklabor und unterhalten sich



Like a family

There are 24 study places available in the Master's course in Green Logistics. This builds an familiar learning environment. It is important to us to provide our students individual support and assistance.

UmLog Studierende stehen unter einer Probesäule auf der Baustelle von Stuttgart 21



In order to make our teaching as practical as possible, various lectures are held by lecturers with direct practical relevance to the topic. We also organize guest lectures with company representatives and interesting excursions. In this way we ensure that our students are always aware of the latest trends and innovations in the field of logistics.



We know the latest innovations and trends in logistics and pass this knowledge on to our students. The stock of our logistics laboratory is also constantly expanding. In addition to drones, exoskeletons and picking gloves, there are many other ways to realize your own research ideas.

University Award for Freight Transport and Logistics 2019

Previous Federal Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer has awarded our Master's degree course in green logistics with the University Prize for Freight Transport and Logistics 2019. The prize was awarded at the National Conference on Freight Transport and Logistics in Frankfurt am Main - and this year's motto was "Innovative Logistics".

"With the university prize we are promoting the logistics of the future and setting an important signal. Thanks to excellently trained specialists, Germany is the leading logistics location. The Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences succeeds in intelligently linking logistics, the environment and digitalisation. With its master's degree course in environmentally oriented logistics, it is a pioneer for innovative logistics," emphasised Federal Minister Scheuer at the award ceremony in Frankfurt.


Green Logistics project

In order to apply the knowledge acquired, students carry out an project on current logistics topics during their studies - usually in cooperation with external companies or organisations. The aim of this project is to develop solution strategies for self-designed logistical questions and problems. The results are presented in a detailed presentation to both the cooperation partners and internal stakeholders.

Internship / semester abroad

In the third semester, our students are given the opportunity to complete an internship in Germany or abroad or to spend a semester abroad. During this time, students can gain valuable practical experience and apply their acquired knowledge.

Professors and lecturers with practical experience

Our course of study places great emphasis on high-quality and practical teaching. All our professors have many years of practical experience and close contacts to numerous companies in the logistics industry. In addition, the teaching is enriched by lecturers from a wide variety of companies and organisations. They bring the latest know-how and experiences from their professional everyday life into the lecture contents.

Guest lectures

In order to bring in practical contents also outside the courses, our professors regularly organize interesting lectures by company representatives.


In addition to guest lectures, we offer various excursions to give our students direct insights into various parts of the supply chain. Among other things, there were excursions to Stuttgart 21, the Philippsburg nuclear power plant, the Amazon warehouse in Pforzheim and the container transshipment station in Kornwestheim.


Our degree program places great value on students gaining direct practical experience outside the practical semester. We therefore support and promote project work in cooperation with industry and research.


of our final papers are written in cooperation with companies


our lectureres have practical experience

Logistics laboratory

Practical application of acquired knowledge - our logistics laboratory is available to students for this purpose.

Students are invited to implement their ideas in projects with our equipment. For example, an age simulation suit, picking gloves, AR and VR glasses, exoskeletons and several drones are available to students for research work.

Our logistics laboratory stands for innovation and practical relevance in accordance with our master's degree program. Our professors are therefore always on the lookout for new trends and developments in the field of logistics in order to further expand the laboratory.

Transport Minister Winfried Hermann visits the logistics laboratory

On September 28, 2023, the Baden-Württemberg Minister of Transport visited our logistics lab.
In addition to a wealth of information about studying for a Master's degree in Green Logistics, he was also able to test the lab's equipment for himself.


Going abroad

The third semester can be used for practical work in Germany or abroad or for a semester abroad at one of our numerous partner universities worldwide. Together with the International Office, we support our students in their search for suitable universities, arrange study places and help with the application for a scholarship (e.g. ERASMUS).

Our partner universities

Double Degree

M.Sc. Global Logistics and Supply Chain Analytics

Double degree M.Sc. Global Logistics and Supply Chain Analytics

Edinburgh Napier University

Instead of an internship or semester abroad, you can complete a double degree in Master Global Logistics and Supply Chain Analytics at the Napier University in Edinburgh.



Napier University

Double Degree

Double degree procedure

  • 9-month study abroad program
  • 3rd semester with lectures at Edinburgh Napier University
  • Joint Master's thesis with examiners from Napier Business School and HFT Stuttgart, Department of Economics
  • Two internationally recognized degrees in two years:
    •     M.Sc. Environmental Logistics
    •     M.Sc. Global Logistics and Supply Chain Analytics


Financial framework conditions

  • Regular EU tuition fees at Edinburgh Napier University:
    •     £6200 (for EU citizens; as of March 2024)
    •     Consists of the fees for 4 modules and for the dissertation
  • DAAD scholarships possible
  • Further information and support is available from the International Office

My semester abroad in Amsterdam was an unforgettable and instructive time in which I developed both professionally and personally.

Thomas Krug,
M.Sc. Umweltorientierte Logistik

Besides Japanese language and tradition, I also learned a lot about the culture and the small differences between countries.

Gökhan Cenk,
M.Sc. Umweltorientierte Logistik


Classic fields of employment for Master's graduates with a focus on Green Logistics are all commercial areas in the field of logistics, at industrial and commercial companies or logistics service providers as well as at logistics or environmentally oriented consulting firms, energy supply companies, industry associations, authorities, political institutions or policy-related institutions, e.g. Federal Environment Agency, OECD, Ökoinstitut, BUND, BMVBS. Special fields of application are, among others, in waste disposal logistics/waste management, recycling companies, hospital logistics, disaster logistics or humanitarian logistics, pharmaceutical logistics, art or theatre logistics and automotive logistics.

Important contacts in the degree program

Name & Position E-Mail & Telephone Studyarea & Studycourse
Andrea LochmahrProfessor / Studiendekanin+49 711 8926 2970 L 109 Wirtschaft Bachelor BetriebswirtschaftMaster Umweltorientierte Logistik
Nazlican Ulusan+49 711 8926 2349 L 121B


Our Master's programme is only offered in the winter semester.
The application period starts in May.

Previous Internships and other practical experience cannot be credited.
An alternative to the internship, is a semester abroad.

We are FIBAA accredited

FIBAA Akkreditierung Siegel

We are FIBAA accredited