The bachelor's degree in computer science provides a sound and comprehensive insight into the future technology of computer science. In addition to the necessary mathematical skills, the professional focus includes the basics of programming, the design of complex software systems and knowledge from the application areas of computer science. Through the supervised practical study project and the bachelor thesis, which is usually written in a partner company, an intensive practical contact is achieved even before graduation.

Application deadline

January 15th (summer semester)
July 15th (winter semester)

Study time

7 Semester

Study title

Bachelor of Science (B.SC.)

The Study

Basic Study

The basic studies convey the basics of computer science and mathematics and introduce the students to programming with Java. Key qualifications such as foreign languages, scientific work and law are also taught. The basic study period ends with the Bachelor preliminary examination.


Part 1 of the Main Studies

In the first part of the advanced study period, the subjects essential for the applications are taught, including modelling and designing software systems, basics of operating systems and databases, and the fundamentals of business administration.


Supervised Practical Study Project

In the 5th semester students can apply and deepen their knowledge for the first time within the supervised practical study project. Parallel to this, further key qualifications are taught with presentation techniques and human-machine communication.


Part 2 of the Main Studies

The second part of the main course of study focuses on application-oriented computer science. In a comprehensive software project, a team of up to 15 students implements a practice-oriented task. In addition, students can set their individual focus in this part of the course by selecting five elective modules from a wide range of courses.

In the seventh semester, the final thesis is written and the topic of the thesis is determined in cooperation between the university and an external project partner. Accordingly, support is provided in cooperation between the university and project partners. First of all, an interdisciplinary project is developed by the student, which is then used to write the Bachelor thesis.



The application for the Bachelor of Computer Science programme is online

Prerequisite for admission is the certificate of the general higher education entrance qualification, the subject-related higher education entrance qualification or the advanced technical college entrance qualification.

International experience

With a stay abroad you can secure advantages for the future. More and more companies are internationally positioned and value employees with experience abroad.

So they can

  • the Supervised Practical Study Project (BPS)
  • a study semester and/or
  • the Bachelor thesis

graduate abroad.

Studentin verlässt die HFT
Looking beyond the horizon

Our partner universities

There are further possibilities. Go Australia, for example, regularly organizes information events at the HFT, through which several students have already gone to Australian universities. Furthermore, there are contacts with the Australian research organization CSIRO, which is represented at numerous locations with different research focuses.

Job prospects

The international Bachelor of Science degree gives you a direct entry into professional life with a qualified university degree. As a future university graduate, this streamlined, practice-oriented course of study will prepare you for a world of work that is growing together internationally. In addition, you can gain further qualifications through postgraduate studies at universities in Germany and abroad, e.g. the English master's degree program in software technology.