The Bachelor's degree programme in Information Logistics is renamed to Digitalisation and Information Management.

Current technical developments such as digitalisation, the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Industry 4.0 and Smart Building are changing the world. The Information Logistics degree programme is facing up to these changes and will be renamed to Digitalisation and Information Management. This is primarily to better express the content orientation of the degree programme. Read more

What will change?

Accreditation certificate for the degree programme in Digitalisation and Information Management

(formerly Information Logistics)

Read an example of a successful student journey through the degree programme here.

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Application deadline

July 15th (winter semester)

Study time

7 Semester

Study title

Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.)

...Digitalization and Information Management
  • Current Issues:
    1. Internet of Things
    2. Industry 4.0
    3. Artificial Ingelligence (AI)
    4. Smart Building / Smart City
  • Several laboratories
  • Current research projects
  • Postgraduate master programs
  • Excellent career opportunities
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Digital Student Advisory Service BSc. Digititalization and Information Management

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For the study program BSc. Digitalization and Information Management
this takes place on Mondays from 15:30 - 16:00 on the following dates:
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All prospective students can log in easily and without obligation via Zoom and get in direct contact with our study advisor.

Typical questions about the Bachelor Digitalization and Information Management program

Information logistics at a glance

Course of studies

Basic studies

In the basic study period, fundamental contents of information logistics, computer science, sensor and actuator technology are taught. You will learn object-oriented programming and applications of telematics. The range of courses is complemented by mathematics and business administration with a focus on logistics, as well as key qualifications in foreign languages, presentation and communication.


Main studies

In the main study period, the knowledge of computer science and measurement technology is expanded and supplemented by special subjects such as eCommerce, workflow management, geo-visualisation, data analysis and mobile computing. The forward-looking course of studies is completed by key qualifications such as software project management.

Key features include integrated projects with companies that teach you an interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary way of working and team skills.

from Sem.

Practical study semester

The practical study semester (5th semester) serves to apply and deepen the theoretical knowledge acquired during the course of studies under practical conditions in cooperation with companies. Practical experience abroad is explicitly supported by an international network of universities and companies.


Bachelor thesis

The final thesis (bachelor thesis) is written in the 7th semester and is usually carried out in cooperation with companies in the fields of production, logistics and information technology. It is intended to show that the student is able to work independently on a task from the main focus of information logistics within a given time using engineering methods. The thesis can of course also be completed at partner universities or companies abroad.


Application and requirements

  • general matriculation standard
  • subject-related entrance qualification
  • Advanced technical college entrance qualification
  • equivalent foreign educational qualifications
  • Enjoy modern communication and information technology and high-tech measuring equipment
  • Good grades in natural science subjects make it easier to get started
  • Communication skills, diligence
  • inclination to structural, conceptual work
  • Pleasure in project-oriented work
  • General computer, Internet and programming knowledge is an advantage
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What do we expect
  • small semester groups
  • short distances also to the professors
  • good contacts to companies also in the region
  • cutting-edge technologies
  • modern laboratories
  • study in an application and career-oriented manner
  • Opportunities to go abroad
  • Campus in the middle of the city
HFT Lichthof Blick zur Cafeteria
What we offer
  • The application is made online.
  • The programme starts in the winter semester
  • Due to the Covid-19 pandemic applications can made up to july 21th 2021 this year
Gang in der HFT Stuttgart


Continuing Master's programmes at the HFT

After the Bachelor's degree, you can deepen your knowledge in a wide variety of Master's programs. For example, graduates in information logistics have in recent years taken up master's courses in logistics, business informatics, media informatics, services computing, business analytics and digital reality. At the HFT Stuttgart you can join a Master in Software Technology, in Green Logistics or in Photogrammetry and Geoinformatics.


Job prospects

The typical activity of graduates of the program is (international) project work. They are active in the following areas, for example:


Around the study programme

Stays abroad

Studying in the age of globalisation and international networking should not only include learning at the home university, but also the willingness to gain international experience abroad and to be internationally mobile.

The HFT Stuttgart has many contacts to universities abroad and supports you in organising an internship or a stay abroad of one or more semesters. The best opportunity for this is the supervised practical semester (5th semester), during which a stay abroad is expressly supported.

Studenten im HFT Lichthof

A stay abroad

  • offers the chance to enrich individual education, and leads to a variety of new experiences
  • promotes the examination of cultural traditions,
  • improves intercultural competence and foreign language skills
  • strengthens personal character traits such as the ability to work independently, flexibility, initiative and assertiveness

An exchange semester at a partner university offers the following advantages

  • Simple application procedure
  • Regulated recognition of services
  • No tuition fees
  • Facilitated access to student residences
  • To the International Office

Research and projects

Facilities and laboratories

  • Studenten der Informationslogistik am 3D-Drucker
    3D Fabber-LabDetails
  • Messkammer Virtual Reality Industrie 4.0 Labor
    Industry 4.0 LaboratoryDetails
  • Schlauer Klaus Industrie 4.0 Labor Informationslogistik
    Laboratory for Sensor and Identification SystemsDetails

Press reports and excursions

Teaching and living the digital future
Report from the Munich student magazine "philtrat" from April 9, 2020

What does an information logistician do Report from the magazine 'heise' from February 2018 (online edition)

Electric car as a real laboratory (new e-Cell Vito of the study course information logistics) Report from the Stuttgarter Zeitung from 26.06.2014 (online edition)

The Smartphone Building Kit Report from the Stuttgarter Zeitung of 30 October 2013 (online edition)

IT is indispensable in logistics Report from the Stuttgarter Zeitung of 9 March 2013

Winter School Singapore / Malaysia Winter school for students of Information Logistics and Surveying and Geoinformatics in Malaysia / Singapore. Cooperation project of HFT Stuttgart, University Technology Malaysia (UTM) and Singapore Polytechnik (SP) - Report from the DVW issue, 2013


RFID Messkammer Industrie 4.0 Labor Informationslogistik
Press releases

Smart production: IL students at sensor manufacturer Balluff

Formerly lathe presses, today sensors of all kinds: Balluff GmbH in Neuhausen auf den Fildern has been in existence for almost one hundred years. In times of digitalization and the Industrial Internet of Things, sensor technology has become indispensable for process optimization. During the excursion weeks, the second semesters of the Information Logistics course of study gained an insight into how Balluff automates its processes in-house.

Balluff Aufbau bei Exkursion Informationslogistik zu Balluff GmbH

An Italian journey for poets, thinkers and information logisticians

An Italian journey for poets, thinkers and information logisticians Among poets and thinkers, an educational journey has been considered worthwhile since the 16th century. What was right for Goethe and Lessing is just as important today for information logistics specialists.

Parmesanlagerung Exkursion in Parma Studiengang Informationslogistik

Sea, steel and logistics research

A steel mill, the Jade-Weser-Port and a logistics research institute were on the excursion programme of the Bachelor's degree course in Information Logistics. The excursion was organized by Prof. Dr. Dieter Uckelmann, overnight stay was in Bremen including a guided tour through the old town.

Gruppenbild Exkursion Bremen Informationslogistik
INTERGEO 2024 in Stuttgart - HFT Stuttgart ist participating!
Digitalisation and information management day 2024

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Contact person

Dieter Uckelmann
Dieter Uckelmann +49 711 8926 2632
Elisabeth Kraxner +49 711 8926 2311
Susanne Hilligardt +49 711 8926 2606