You want to make more of your ideas? You know that the world is not a disc and that everything is somehow connected and influences each other? You are ready to take responsibility for your own team and are fired up to implement your projects independently? Then IMIAD is the right Master for you - an Interior Design Master with an international profile!

Application deadline

3 May to 15 June

Study time

4 Semester

Study title

Master of Arts (M.A.)


The time has come, the application period for IMIAD is open. Apply very soon! You can find more information under "Application".

Attention: Please note that due to the current special situation there will be changes in the application process:

1. the submission of the portfolios, the motivation letter and the online forms will be done exclusively online
2. the relevant practical phase of at least 8 weeks will be omitted
3. the interviews will take place online (more information will follow soon).

Please also note the following Corona Regulation Amendment for IMIAD:
The German language certificate according to § 1 No. 3 can be submitted later until November 30, 2020.
The admission requirement according to § 1 No. 4 (relevant practical phase) is no longer applicable. The application
also participates in the procedure according to § 4 if the language certificates according to § 2 No. 7 are not enclosed.




Welcome to our world wide family. Im IMIAD leben wir die Offenheit für andere Kulturen. Auslandssemester, internationale Workshops und transkulturelle Themenstellungen bilden den Kern deines Studiums. Dies fördert deine persönliche Entwicklung und steigert deine Kompetenzen. Im IMIAD baust du dein internationales Netzwerk an Freunden und professionellen Kontakten auf.


Wenn das schon alles ist. Falls euch ein Bachelor-Studium noch nicht ausreicht, bietet unser Master, was ihr braucht, um vollwertig als InnenarchitektIn arbeiten zu können. Ihr werdet für den Sprung ins Berufsleben vorbereitet, indem wir euch helfen, euer berufsbezogenes Wissen wesentlich zu erweitern.


Lust am Gestalten. Wir wollen, dass ihr gute Gestalter werdet und euch dabei fördern. Wir suchen Studierende, welche das weiße Blatt vor ihnen vollzeichnen müssen. Deren Computer immer zu langsam sind, weil die 3d Modelle, die sie gerade rendern so komplex sind und jene, die sich die Welt sowieso um einiges bunter vorstellen, als sie ist.

Projects in an international team!

Your first semester begins directly internationally, because students from Cincinnati, USA, are your guests this semester.

Eine Person zeichnet, sechs weitere Personen schauen zu

Hello, Selam, Namaste & Hi!

Take your computer, your drawing tools and your skills with you, but leave the prejudices at home.


IMIAD united!

Between the second and the third semester, an international workshop is held annually, organised by one of the IMIAD partners.


Are you fit yet?

Are you confident in your design yet?


Have it your own way!

In the fourth semester you work exclusively on your Master's thesis, the topic of which you developed yourself in the semester before. You will be coached by two supervisors.


Praxisbezug - planing for real

Practical study projects and real laboratories are the focus of the training. In individual and group work, students develop projects, mostly for real clients. No one simulates reality better than reality.



Zwei Studentinnen sitzen vor einem Laptop

Deadline for applications 15 June

Admission always begins in the winter semester; studies begin at the beginning of October

Admission requirements An above-average degree (at least 2.5) in an artistically oriented university course with a standard period of study of at least three years at a German or comparable foreign university. Possible fields of study are interior design, architecture or other disciplines that focus on interior design.

Good English language skills

From Fall Semester 22/23: A relevant practical phase of at least 8 weeks. The practical phase must have been completed by the start of lectures in the 1st semester and should have taken place in an office that focuses on interior design.

Contact person

Meral Yurdakul
Meral Yurdakul +49 711 8926 2883
Wolfgang Grillitsch
Wolfgang Grillitsch +49 711 8926 2826
Heike Rittler
Heike Rittler +49 711 8926 2337

Online application

The application for a study place takes place exclusively via the online procedure. All required documents for enrollment must be submitted online by the deadline. A list of the documents are specified in step ❷.

Application documents

The following documents must be submitted with the application

Selection procedure

Only candidates who have submitted all the above documents by the deadline will be admitted to the competition. If the applicant fulfils the admission requirements and the documents submitted are rated at least as good, he/she will be invited to a personal interview. The detailed explanation of the selection procedure can be found in the IMIAD Admission and Selection Rules.



Already in your first semester you will study together with guests from our American partner university. You will naturally use your English in courses and communication with the students of the University of Cincinnati and thus gain linguistic confidence.

Very early in the first semester you also decide in consultation with your fellow students at which foreign university you will study in the second semester. Do you want to go to India, China, Ticino or the States? Not the right thing? Maybe Istanbul then? The focus of the respective partner universities will help you decide which stay abroad will best further your personal development.

Profiles of the partner universities:

CEPT, Ahmdeabad, India

The Master at CEPT is a research based program. Our exchange students especially appreciate the opportunities offered by the Craft Resource Center, the possibility to try out and explore traditional Indian crafts and then convert them into innovative design concepts in the design studio.

It is also almost an obligation to take the opportunity to travel to large parts of India after graduation in order to get to know the country and its people even better.


ITÜ, Istanbul, Turkey

Studying in Istanbul also means experiencing the city, incorporating its diversity and culture into the designs. Both the design studios with their broad range of content and the accompanying courses and excursions are designed to help students understand and get to know Turkish architecture, design and art, both traditional and contemporary.

SUPSI, Lugano, Switzerland

But still Switzerland but also somehow Italy, one could say to our partner in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland. There you not only feel and experience both cultures, but you can also learn interior design at the highest level. Excursions lead up close to the greats of Swiss interior design. The projects are largely concerned with the topic of building in existing buildings and the building stock itself is mostly historical and valuable.

DAAP University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati

One of the main focuses in Cincinnati is the opportunity to develop your skills in 3D printing and other digital fabrication techniques. Knowledge of how to acquire the necessary software for 3D modeling and parametric design can be acquired at the DAAP. You can complete your design project in either an architecture or interior design studio. The internship program "Co-op" offers the chance to gain professional experience in the USA, e.g. in San Francisco or New York.

CAUP Tongji University, Shanghai

If you want to go big, Shanghai is the place to be. At the Tongji you will be surrounded by international students from all over the world and learn to surf in the chaos of the megacity. In the tension of a city that sometimes feels like the future, then again like a foreign, traditional culture.

Internationale Workshops

For the professors it is like a big family reunion every time. At the international workshop, students also meet their fellow students for the first time after their semester abroad and get to know students from partner universities in the same semester.

In terms of content, it is usually possible to combine regional cultural characteristics with current topics of interior design discourse.

You want to go out again

If you use the work on your Master's thesis, we will support you in doing further research abroad and help you to find financial means.

Another interesting model is the supervision of the Master's thesis jointly by professors from Stuttgart and one of our partner universities.

Put out your feelers

Even after your studies you can still benefit from the IMIAD network. But it is up to you how you use the opportunities that arise and how much you network with the world and stay in touch with other alumni. IMIAD graduates have friends all over the world, both on a private and professional level. And a common mission: Make the world a better place.

I especially liked the semester abroad with the subsequent international workshop. During the project work with fellow students from five different countries, I learned a lot, which resulted in a great international network and some very close friendships.

Portraitfoto einer Studentin
Alija Dolo Alumnus IMIAD


Master Innenarchitektur IMIAD

The terraced houses built in the 1950s are one of the most common forms of post-war…

IMIAD | Poesie der Dinge

The exhibition "Poetry of Things" is a typewriter that has become a room, but it is not…


FAQ - frequently asked questions about the application

From the winter semester 2017/2018 onwards, tuition fees will be charged in Baden-Württemberg for international students coming from outside the EU for consecutive master programmes. This tuition is 1,500 € per semester; the re-registration or semester fee is added to this. There are no tuition fees for international students from within the EU.

IMIAD is only partly taught in English, only the second semester abroad is completely in English. For this reason, every international applicant must prove his or her German language skills by means of a recognised language certificate. The language skills must at least correspond to DHS level 2 or TestDaF level 4. In addition, there are further requirements for foreign applicants who wish to apply to the HFT. These can be found here, both in English and German.

Unfortunately, we do not offer language courses that prepare students for university studies (i.e. with a DSH or Test-DaF certification that qualifies them for university studies). Our language courses are only aimed at international students of our partner universities.

In order to meet the language requirements necessary for admission to the HFT, students must first register with suitable private language schools that prepare them for their studies. After the course fee has been paid in advance, they will issue a certificate for the acquisition of the language school visa.

Schools in Stuttgart:

German College (ÖZ)

Institute for International Relations

Course fee per language level approx. €650 - €700 (duration approx. 6 weeks per course) - normally A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 & TestDaF examination required)

Maximum duration for such a visa is 18 months. After that, this visa can be converted into a student visa if the student has been admitted to a university, without the need to leave and re-enter the country after a new visa application in the home country.

Unfortunately, the HFT Stuttgart does not have the possibility to issue a provisional approval.

Yes, we will check whether your professional knowledge is a sufficient basis for studying at IMIAD. However, the Chambers reserve the right to examine individual cases for registration in the Chamber of Architects.


FAQ - frequently asked questions about studying

Since you will be studying with visiting students from Cincinnati, USA in the first semester, some lectures and classes will be held in English. The second semester is completely in English, as you will be studying at one of our partner universities. In the third semester the lectures will be held in German and in the fourth semester you will work independently on your Master's thesis and decide yourself in which language. As international guest critics are invited to the final presentation of your thesis, the presentation of the thesis will be held in English according to the examination regulations.

Every IMIAD student is obliged to spend the second semester at one of our partner universities according to the examination regulations. A stay at the HFT in the second semester is not possible.

Due to IMIAD's international focus with international cooperation, workshops and exchange semesters, some costs are incurred. These may vary depending on the location, but you should expect costs of about 5,000 € for the two-year programme.


Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences International Master of Interior-Architectural Design (IMIAD) Faculty of Architecture and Design Schellingstraße 24 70174 Stuttgart Bau 8/3.04 Course Coordination: Phone +49 (0) 711 8926 2883 Fax +49 (0) 711 8926 2884


Dean of Studies

Prof. Wolfgang


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