Conceptual design | 1st semester | Winter Semester 2021/22

As part of an ideas competition organized by the city of Herrenberg, IMIAD students developed ideas for an information point at the Schönbuchturm. In the parking lot, the structure is intended to be the first point of contact welcoming guests from Herrenberg and the region, providing information about the Schönbuch Nature Park, hiking and biking trails, and guiding tourists to the lookout point on the Stellberg or to Herrenberg's old town. In addition, possibilities for parking, charging and repairing bicycles and a marketing opportunity for regional and seasonal products were to be integrated in the timber construction.

The project was supervised by professor Andreas Kretzer.

Wood pile

Ursula Bauknecht and Peter Schäffer


Fiona Schmucker and Julia Walter


Marco Krammer and Sonja Matt


Sophie Heyer and Leonie Schillack

Working models

Presentation models