Master's Thesis | Karsten Ermann | 3rd Semester | Winter Semester 2021/22

"The Portal" is a conceptual design that refers to a future exhibition experience. The design aims to illustrate what digitalization makes possible using mixed reality, both based on current technologies in terms of scenographic spatial design, and what it could potentially allow in the future. Included here is the issue of museum deposits, most of which are inaccessible to the public.

The inspirational source for the design ideas is the story "Alice through the looking glass" by Lewis Carroll (1871), in which the main character enters a parallel world through a mirror.

In "The Portal", Building 8 of the University of Applied Sciences represents the portal that is supposed to offer visitors the possibility to dive into a parallel world and to access digital images of exhibits that are located in the exhibition space as well as in the depots of various museums. The idea behind this is to expand the architectural space with an exhibition space to create a larger space for exhibits, knowledge and networking through its digital extensibility and overlay.

The project was supervised by Prof. Thomas Hundt and Prof. Andreas Kretzer.