Master-Thesis | Lino Gasparitsch | 4. Semester | Summer Semester 2020

Domestic Islands is a set of transformative objects that work together to create an immersive interior space. The set is made up of six component parts that all play with the idea of a ‘staycation’, or holiday at home, using techniques of faking, fooling and copying. The project questions the importance of authenticity in architecture, design and space and casts a shadow back on our staged reality, a construct built with fake parts. Domestic Islands is a reproduced environment, that copies the idea of ubiquitous holiday resorts all over the world. By amplifying their cliché-imagery, the project becomes a copy of a copy. The project website allows its visitors to download all necessary plans and models, enabling yet further reproductions with infinite possibilities of replication:

The project was supervised by Prof. Wolfgang Grillitsch and Dr. Thomas Hauck.