Master's thesis | Meral Yurdakul | 4th semester | summer semester 2016

The neighborhood Fener-Balat is located in the district of Fatih in Istanbul near to the Golden Horn. This neighborhood is architectural as well as socially characterized by its history, which has lead to an interesting and different cityscape.But what is it exactly, that makes this neighborhood that „special“ and different from the other neigh-borhoods in Istanbul? Which characteristics feature the cityscape?The aim of this work is to answer the questions of the identity of Fener-Balat as well as to analyze the influences on its identity. For this purpose, the essential characteristics, which determine the pla-ce, have to be defined and examined more closely. These shall help to give the reader an idea of the atmosphere of the place.

This work was supervised by Prof. Wolfgang Grillitsch and Prof. Müge Belek Fialho Teixeira.