IMIAD International Workshop 2022 at Istanbul Technical University

As part of the International Master of Interior-Architectural Design (IMIAD), an international workshop titled "See the Water" was held at the Taşkışla Campus of Istanbul Technical University from July 18-28, 2022.

The International Workshop is hosted each summer by one of the five partner universities in the Interior Design program: Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences (Germany), Scuola Universiteria Professionale Della Svizzera (Mendrisio, Switzerland), The Center for Environmental Planning and Technology University (Ahmedabad, India), University of Cincinnati (USA), Istanbul Technical University (Turkey).

"See The Water"

The current human era, also known as the Anthropocene, describes the impact of our consumer culture and associated overconsumption of resources on the planet. We need to question our consumption habits and "water" as a vital basis for both humans and nature is a subject of this debate. In order to raise awareness and sensitize people to this issue, the workshop posed the question: how can we increase the visibility of water in the residential environment? During the workshop, daily water consumption was examined and discussed both on a conceptual level as well as on an interior design scale. In the course of the workshop, various speakers presented multifaceted contributions around the theme of water, providing new perspectives on everything from spatial installations to urban planning and historical-geographical contexts. In seven teams, the 66 participants each examined one room of an apartment: bathroom, corridor, living room, balcony, storage, kitchen and bedroom. At the end, the projects were presented in an interactive exhibition.

The 24 IMIAD students from HFT Stuttgart were accompanied by Melissa Acker (academic assistant, IMIAD program coordination) and Prof. Andreas Kretzer (dean of IMIAD studies).