In-ex/terior  | Winter Semester 2021/22 and 2022/23

This course is a research based exercise in representation in ws 21/22 and ws 22/23.

In this course the students have been surveying space from different scales. They have been collecting objects and data from the city, documenting and representing them, analysing and discussing them. What is interior space? What is exterior space? What do they have in common?
Representation was their tool of exploration: from analogue to digital, they had the chance to choose their medium. Sketches, findings, drawings, objects, scans, photographs, videos, collages and other formats were the tools.

The task is a plea to interdisciplinary thinking and to observe events, movements, happenings and flux, in other words: the routines and mechanisms. When time becomes a factor of the equation, everything becomes alive.

Accompanied by a biweekly lectures and feedback, the students have been mixing disciplines in order to understand architecture and space.

The elective course has been supervised by Mario El Khouri.


Kevin Spina, WS 22/23


Donovan Staab, WS 22/23


Léa Berner, WS 22/23


Sonja Matt, WS 21/22


Sophie Heyer, WS 21/22


Annemarie Vogel, WS 21/22


Nils Frank, WS 21/22