IMIAD International Workshop 2019 at the HFT Stuttgart.

As part of the International Master of Interior-Architectural Design (IMIAD), an international workshop entitled "#Sommerstudio - entsesselt!" was held at the Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences from July 8 to 19, 2019.

The International Workshop is hosted each summer by one of the five partner universities in the Interior Design program: Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences (Germany), Scuola Universiteria Professionale Della Svizzera (Mendrisio, Switzerland), The Center for Environmental Planning and Technology University (Ahmedabad, India), University of Cincinnati (USA), Istanbul Technical University (Turkey).

"#SummerStudio - Unchained!" - Housing and living environments in times of social change.

Housing - today and in the near future - was the focus of the IMIAD Workshop 2019 and the accompanying exhibition at the ifa Gallery Stuttgart from July 19 to September 8, 2019: How does a society live that is aging, reforming itself communally, finding affordable housing difficult in the speculatively scarce real estate environment, and perhaps wiping itself out the day after tomorrow due to the threatening environmental situation? The digitalization of all areas of life and the resulting change in urban space are challenge enough to rethink all gradations of urban life between private and public.

How do we sit? How do we sleep? How do we eat? Is the designer sofa overrated? Are we finding new approaches to our living environments? Are we willing to rethink conventions and morals? Perhaps the answer to the question of how we will live tomorrow lies much closer to such cultural questions than in the reinvention of housing. Exactly 100 years after the founding of the Bauhaus, we ask ourselves 100 questions to which there are at least 100 times 100 answers.

The results of the workshop were exhibited in cube-shaped pavilions in the ifa gallery. The exhibition architecture was previously developed and implemented in the summer semester by students of the Bachelor of Interior Design and IMIAD in intercultural teams. The aim was to combine both workshops in one exhibition and to create an exciting dialogue for the exhibition visitors. The different exhibition pavilions included the themes "Global - Local", "Manifesto of Living", "Public - Private", "Basic Need", "Extreme Living" and "Fairy Wishes".

The IBA'27 School, which took place immediately after the IMIAD workshop, worked on ideas for minimal living and active neighborhoods, as well as new concepts for existing and future communities. The results of the workshop, which were also developed in interdisciplinary teams, formed a continuation in terms of content and were also exhibited at a later date in the ifa gallery.

The individual components of the IMIAD workshop, the IBA'27 School and the ifa Summer Studio complemented each other and thus became one of the most important architectural events in Stuttgart in the summer of 2019.

The ifa (Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations) is Germany's oldest intermediary organization for international cultural relations and celebrated its centenary in 2017. It promotes peaceful and enriching coexistence among people and cultures worldwide. Its programs pursue five core themes: Cultural Exchange, Dialogue of Civil Societies, Migration & Culture, Culture & Conflict, and Europe. The ifa supports artistic and cultural exchange in exhibition, dialogue and conference programs and acts as a competence center for international cultural relations. It is part of a global network and relies on sustainable, long-term partnerships. The ifa is supported by the Federal Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany, the state of Baden-Württemberg and the state capital Stuttgart.

The host of the workshop is IBA27. The International Building Exhibition will be held in Stuttgart in 2027 and asks the question, "How will we live and work in the digital and global age?" In preparation for IBA27, each year has a focus theme. In 2019, it was housing.

Guest lecture by Alex Schweder

Exhibition setup in the ifa gallery

Exhibition opening with Iris Lenz (Director of the ifa Gallery) and Prof. Wolfgang Grillitsch (Dean of Studies IMIAD)