Designing with clay | Summer Semester 2022

The elective course "Designing with Clay" was led in the summer semester 2022 by Diane Ziegler and supervised together with Prof. Andreas Löffler, Prof. Juri Troy and Prof. Volkmar Bleicher. It was offered across all courses for the entire faculty of architecture and design.

The course consisted of several excursions and lectures on the topic of rammed earth: Both a factory tour and the inspection of several realized buildings with different uses were on the program.

NatureInfoCenter "Casa Mellifera", Ludwigsburg

The introduction of this interdisciplinary elective took place in Ludwigsburg by Prof. Andreas Löffler. He planned and implemented the NatureInfoCenter "Casa Mellifera" made of rammed earth and wood with students in 2012.

Design: Students of the HFT Stuttgart, Faculty of Architecture and Design, supervised by Prof. Andreas Löffler
Clay statics: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christof Ziegert
Construction management: Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Albert Stöcker, HFT Stuttgart
Clay construction: Zimmerei Heinrichs GmbH
Client: City of Ludwigsburg, Ludwigsburg District Beekeepers' Association
Year of construction: April 2012 - end of 2013

Alnatura Campus, Darmstadt

Tour of the Alnatura Campus in Darmstadt with rammed earth facade and lecture by Prof. Volkmar Bleicher on the climate concept.

Architecture: haascookzemmrich, STUDIO2050
Realization: Knippers Helbig
Rammed earth facade: Transsolar, LehmTonErde / Martin Rauch
Client: Alnatura
Year of construction: 2019

Lehm Ton Erde / Erden Werkhalle, Schlins (Vorarlberg, Austria)

Architecture: Martin Rauch, LehmTonErde Baukunst GmbH
Realization: LehmTonErde Baukunst GmbH
Client: LehmTonErde Baukunst GmbH
Year of construction: 2019

Atelier Martin Rauch, Schlins (Vorarlberg, Austria)

Visit to the Martin Rauch studio and a current rammed earth construction site right next door.
Architecture: Mag.arch. Robert Felber, Martin Rauch
Realization: LehmTonErde Baukunst GmbH
Client: Lehm Ton Erde, Werkstätte für Keramik und Lehmbau
Year of construction: 1994

House Rauch, Schlins (Vorarlberg, Austria)

Architecture: Arch. Roger Boltshauser, Martin Rauch
Realization: LehmTonErde Baukunst GmbH
Client: LehmTonErde Baukunst GmbH
Year of construction: 2008

Hägi Wendls - Cultural room, Muntlix (Vorarlberg, Austria)

Design: Martin Mackowitz Site management: Dominik Abbrederis, Corinne Lopez, Hanno Burtscher
Consulting: Gerhard Hartmann, Marco Hartmann, Stephan Frick, Karl Heinzle, Markus Nesensohn, Martin Rauch, Carlos Covarrubias, Christian Giongo
Realization with Summer Schools of Studio BASEhabitat (M.A. Architecture of the Art University Linz)
Sponsors and partners: LEADER-Region Vorderland-Walgau-Bludenz, Lehm-Ton-Erde Baukunst GmbH, Zöchbauer Sand und Lehm, Karl Zünd Stiftung
Client: Silvia Keckeis and Johannes Lampert
Completion: 2022

Room for Birth and Senses, Women's Museum Hittisau (Vorarlberg, Austria)

Design / Concept: Anka Dür, Anna Heringer, Martin Rauch, Sabrina Summer
Client: Frauenmuseum Hittisau
Year of construction: 2020

Lecture Hanno Burtscher

Clay in Interiors