Bam! Wham! diagram! | Winter Semester 2021/22 and 2022/23

In the winter semesters 2021/23 and 2022/23, the interdisciplinary elective "Bam! Wham! Diagram!" was offered by IMIAD within the Faculty of Architecture and Design.

Diagrams - too stylized for a drawing, too imprecise for a plan, too flat for a model. What are diagrams and what do they do in the context of architectural representation?

This elective used information from a variety of sources (news, statistics, literature, film) to convey complex content through infographics using digital representation tools.

The goal was to identify key messages, give them form, and represent results spatially - in diagrams that require no explanation. In the course of each session, the participants set themselves a concrete task that resulted in an information graphic. The focus of the seminar was on using tools as effectively as possible with the aim of making graphic statements concise and to deepen competencies in the visual communication of architectural content.

The elective was supervised by Felix Dannecker.

Winter semester 22/23

Winter semester 21/22