Master's thesis | Marie Rünzi | 5th semester | winter semester 2021/22

The project shows the reactivation of hermetically sealed structures and their integration into the urban city space using the example of the conversion of the former correctional facility in Oldenburg. The former prison in Oldenburg has been empty since 2013. In 2009, Oldenburg was awarded the title City of Science. Since then, its development as a science location has been an integral part of the city's development. The new use of the prison as a work of knowledge, as a house of science and progress, is intended to provide new impetus for urban development. Through targeted interventions, the building is broken up, while the building structure with the linear rows of cells is largely preserved and can be used as a concentrated thinking and working cell.

This work was supervised by professors Diane Ziegler and Tina Kammer.

Building stock is one of the most important building materials of the future.

[Image: Marie Rünzi]
Marie Rünzi