Excursion to Colmar, Basel & Zürich - "State of the Art"

At the beginning of the summer semester 2022, the IMIAD excursion took place with exchange students from the IMIAD partner university, the Istanbul Technical University (ITU). 
Based on the thesis that museum buildings can be considered as outstanding as well as groundbreaking examples of contemporary architecture, we looked at selected museum projects in the cities of Colmar, Basel and Zurich to explore the question of how these museum spaces correspond with the art on display: What is the relationship between the spaces and their exhibits? Can new tendencies be identified in this regard? What spatial design means are used to present art? Is the space itself a matter of distinguished restraint? How are light, material and color used? Does the art dominate the space? Or is it rather the other way around? Examples from internationally renowned architects should inspire us in our search for answers to the "State of the Art".

The excursion was supervised by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans-Jürgen Breuning and A.M. Dipl.-Des. Melissa Acker.

Musée Unterlinden

Kunstmuseum Basel

Fondation Beyeler

Pavilion Le Corbusier

Swiss National Museum

Kunsthaus Zurich