Master's thesis | Tara Schattschneider | summer semester 2019

Exposure of Urban Transit Space Potentials - A Reutilization Concept for the Charlottenplatz as a Case Study

In our densely networked city, systems mobility is an integral part in our cities and not imaginable without it in our daily life. Transit spaces constitute a special kind of public spaces because they are used and shared by many people and commuters with the same short-term goal. These daily used intermediate places have an underestimated potential concerning their future function.
The aim of this thesis is to find out how these characteristics can be utilized and which interior design elements are needed to improve the quality of stay and to promote communication between people.
The metro station Charlottenplatz will be used as an example to show how making the systems visible and including the environment can produce new functions and create an urban hub for encounter and communication.

This work was supervised by Prof. Wolfgang Grillitsch and Henry Hildebrandt, Professor at the IMIAD partner University of Cincinnati.