Big Name, Mini Golf | Winter Semester 2022/23

In the winter semester of 2022/23, "Big Name, Mini Golf" was offered by IMIAD as an interdisciplinary elective course within the Faculty of Architecture and Design.

The seminar was an experimental space in which - building on one's own small design - methods of representation were tested and jointly discussed within the framework of four compact workshops. The starting point of the seminar was the examination of a Big Name, i.e. a great personality in architecture. The design methodology was analyzed, recorded and made transferable. In the next step, a newly developed obstacle of a mini golf course served as a projection surface, which was to be designed in the spirit of the Big Name methodology. The core of the seminar was the playful sharpening of the following areas of competence: Narration and concept development, drawing conventions and plan graphics, collage and perspective representation, model making and presentation.

Course participants: Riley Ewing, Sophie Heyer, Marco Krammer, Pia Müller, Lukas Nemesch, Fiona Schmucker, Lea Wedel.

The elective was supervised by Florian Bengert (M.Sc. Architect) and Valerio Calavetta (M.Sc. Architect).