Conceptual Design | 1st Semester | Winter Semester 2022/23

At the address Reinsburgstrasse 1 there is a former gas station with garage and sales pavilion from 1954 in the International Style, which in the immediate vicinity of the curious urban ensemble "St. Maria behind the Paulinenbrücke" is remembered by Stuttgart residents and visitors as a striking pedestal building in front of an office tower with a concave facade.

The building, which was added to the list of monuments as a cultural monument in 1993 and designed by Wilhelm Graf, currently serves as the headquarters of a car glazier and a tire service. It reflects characteristic features of functionalist architecture of the fifties, which was influenced by automobile design, in a high-quality design.

In an ideas competition, students explored a wide variety of possibilities for future uses in this central location.

The project was supervised by professor Andreas Kretzer with guest critic Mirko Ruppenstein.

Air Station

Annabelle Thees

Farmbox Depot

Donovan Staab


Lea Piesch


Jule Dörr

The 175

Josep Campoy

Pow Wow

Amy Smith


Pia miller


Riley Ewing

No Noise

Bryn Ceol