A degree course brings many challenges - both professional and personal. We will be happy to offer you a consultation in case of any kind of stressful personal problems. A conversation can provide clarification and orientation or simply reveal a new perspective.

Please do not hesitate to contact us even if you have supposedly minor problems. As the first point of contact you are always right with us. If you need further support or concrete assistance, we will be happy to help you with tips and addresses in your search for a suitable contact person.

Personal problems

Why do some students find it easier to study, others struggle through every stage of the exams and some, although they have learned a great deal, do not pass?

Anyone who wants to study successfully and adhere to the standard period of study as far as possible must be one thing above all: organised.

How to do that? We are happy to advise you!

Interesting workshops and Additional offers on this topic are also offered by the Centre for Teaching and Learning.


Checkliste Organisation im Studium
Organization during studies

Are you already a student at the HFT? We will help you start your student life and accompany you on your way through your studies. We are also happy to support you in the transition to professional life.

  • We advise you confidentially, respectfully and at eye level.
  • Our advice is independent. Your questions and problems are the focus of attention.
  • We provide help for self-help and accompany you in your concerns.
  • We are present and easy to reach.
  • We are well networked with other internal and external consulting institutions and can put you in touch with the right contact person if required.

Students who look after children or relatives in need of care often face special challenges in balancing studies and family. We advise, inform and support you in all questions concerning the organisation and design of your studies.

Further information on the topic can also be found here.

Studying with child

Health impairments can be both visible and invisible. These impairments include, for example

  • Chronic physical diseases
  • Dyslexia or dyscalculia
  • Restricted mobility
  • Mental diseases
  • visual, hearing or speech impairments

Do you have a health impairment and therefore fear to get difficulties in your study? We are happy to advise you!

You can also obtain further information from the representative body for severely disabled persons.

Studying with a handicap

There are different ways and possibilities to finance a study. Do you want to get an overview or do you have questions about working during your studies?

We provide advice and information on sources and alternatives of financing and are happy to help you with further tips and contacts.

You can find important basics for financing here.


Are you interested in studying at the HFT? Click here for the advisory service for prospective students.