Our understanding of transfer

Knowledge and technology transfer means to us the exchange of scientific knowledge, innovations and solutions with all scientific areas of the university and society, business, politics and culture.

Our self-conception



With our competence centers and their strong networks between each other, we offer transfer services in many socially relevant future-orientated fields - in accordance with the sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

In research and teaching, we stand out for our transdisciplinary and interconnected way of collaboration that enables a high level of application-orientation and transferability of our approaches to industry and society.



We see ourselves as important partners within the regional innovation system. In direct dialogue between science, business and society, we continuously address new socially relevant topics and develop solutions in cooperation with our project partners. Become a HFT partner for more innovative impact in the region.

As an innovative university, we want to shape the change in society with our knowledge and expertise.

Collaborative research options

The HFT offers a wide range of services for cooperation. Whether you are a company or an organization - in addition to undertaking scientific studies, projects and practical trials by our professors and staff, many of our degree programmes give you the opportunity to work with us together in final theses and in our labs. Together with our collaboration partners we research topics of practical relevance and we transfer the research results into society and the economy. Therefore, we give you direct access to our expertise and resources. Regardless of whether you are a municipality, company, start-up or any other organization: our broad range of transfer opportunities can help you to refine and answer your own questions supported by findings from research and teaching.

You can work with us in these ways

Within the framework of research and development projects, public funding opportunities can be jointly applied for and gained for questions that come from your practice. The HFT Stuttgart is happy to assist its project partners in applying for joint projects.

Within the scope of our capacities, we are pleased to support you in answering your science-related questions on research and development projects and in advancing as a practical partner.

Events open new doors. They make your voice heard and enable you to rethink topics and make contacts. We offer various events for networking and knowledge transfer, for example here. Would you like to be a part of the program? Contact us!

Our labs and workshops are equipped with modern technology and can be used for collaboration. You can find an overview here.

The transfer portal is the collaboration platform of HFT Stuttgart. There, HFT members and project partners can make information, data, documentation and software codes available to society on a large scale. The portal also offers participation opportunities for the general public.

With versatile possibilities you can reach highly qualified students and alumni at our university at an early stage:

  • HFT career portal for your company profile and job advertisements: As a company or organization you have the opportunity to use our HFT career portal free of charge! Under the following link you will find further information, links and contact persons.
  • Career fairs & networking events: You are looking for junior staff, our students are looking for good employers! The career fairs of the HFT Stuttgart offer an ideal opportunity to start a conversation in a relaxed atmosphere. Further networking events of the departments provide meeting and networking possibilities for students, companies and alumni with impulse lectures in an open atmosphere. You can find the list of events and the contact person here.

Would you like to support high-achieving or socially- engaged students? For about 10 years, more than 70 companies have been supporting our students with scholarships. You are welcome to become part of our support network! You can find more information and contact persons here.

Are you interested in working with us? Contact us!

Contact person

Andreas Schmitt
Andreas Schmitt andreas.schmitt@hft-stuttgart.de +49 711 8926 2973