Engage extracurricular and collect points!

In addition to the bachelor and master courses, the Centre for Teaching and Learning, the International Office, the Senate Commissioner for Ethics and the Sustainability Officer of the HFT Stuttgart offer a wide range of exciting opportunities for competence development for all students. These offers are free of charge and open to students from all degree programmes. They are therefore not only an opportunity to think outside the box, but also a chance to exchange ideas with students from other degree programmes and to sharpen your own professional profile.

Each semester, the Centre for Teaching and Learning offers more than 20 courses from three thematic fields for students to acquire important, interdisciplinary skills. The recognised final certificate for Extracurricular Studies certifies that students "have looked outside the box" and can be enclosed with the university degree when apply for a position.

The Centre for Teaching and Learning offers five current Languages in four different course types and three language levels. Every semester 75 foreign language courses take place at the HFT Stuttgart. Additional courses are offered by VESPA.

Tutors and mentors are essential for the university and in great demand in various areas. Students can complete a mentor and tutor qualification, which prepares them well for their work as a tutor or mentor.

The Centre for Teaching and Learning provides HFT Stuttgart students with high-quality offers for learning with digital learning media. The use of learning media should support the learning process of students in a meaningful way and prepare them for professional requirements.

The Ethics Module includes an intensive examination of the topics of ethics and/or sustainable development. This additional commitment is certified by the Senate Commissioner for Ethics with an ethics certificate upon the acquisition of 100 ethics points.

The International Office offers a certification of intercultural competence. It consists of: theoretical basics in the field of intercultural communication and regional competence, foreign language competence, international commitment and it is awarded in connection with at least four weeks of experience abroad.