HFT Stuttgart's Service Centre for competenced-based & innovative Learning & Teaching offers around 20 free events for all university employees and professors every year. Each event is participant- and transfer-oriented as well as scientifically well-founded and practice-oriented. In this way, knowledge can be kept up to date and there is room for exchange and inspiration. On the one hand, renowned speakers impart content on subjects related to the didactics of higher education for professors and, on the other hand, the programme is optimally supplemented by interdisciplinaryfurther education and language coursesfor all university employees.

DateThe events
Ab 20.03.2024Conversation and Communication Group for HFT employees
Ab 20.03.2024English Business Lunch for Professors
13.05.2024Excel Grundlagen
14./ 15.05.2024Zu niemandem ist man ehrlicher als zu Google - Big Data vs. Datenschutz
25./27.06.2024Künstliche Intelligenz verstehen - Für Mitarbeitende ohne IT-Hintergrundwissen 
07.06./28.06./20.09.2024Resilienz - die Superkraft der heutigen Zeit
01.07.2024Lehren, dass es ankommt - auch digital
03./04.07.2024The Good, the Bad, and the artificial - Einführung in die ethischen Aspekte Künstlicher Intelligenz
03.07.2024The Good, the Bad, and the artificial - Vertiefung



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