Broadening horizon(s). Building bridges. Grow personally. - with the Intercultural Competence Certificate.

Intercultural competence is more important than ever in our globally networked world, which is more international than ever before. In intercultural encounters - whether in a professional or private context - it helps to build bridges between people and cultures, to perceive cultural differences and to develop empathy for the other person. Only those who have their own cultural "glasses" in front of them and are open to different perspectives can respect the behavior of people from other cultures and not only tolerate differences, but experience them as enrichment. This makes intercultural competence one of the most important soft skills of the 21st century!

With our certificate, you can continue your education in the field of intercultural competence during your studies at HFT Stuttgart. The certificate consists of theoretical content and practical elements. These are divided into four modules: Intercultural Reflection, Language Competence, Intercultural Engagement and Experience Abroad. Corresponding certificates are required for all modules.


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Questions & Answers

If you are studying for a Bachelor's or Master's degree at HFT Stuttgart, you have the opportunity to complete the ICC alongside your studies.

With the "Intercultural Competence" certificate, you will broaden your personal horizons in many ways. The "Intercultural Reflection" module provides you with knowledge, skills and abilities that will help you to reflect on your own cultural perspective and behave competently in intercultural encounters. In the other modules, you can apply these skills in practice and have exciting intercultural experiences.

However, the IC certificate not only helps you to develop your own personality, but also offers a good additional qualification for the job market. Especially in multicultural fields of work, intercultural competence will become an important resource for you, helping you to build bridges in intercultural encounters and recognize potential cultural differences. This can also improve your chances when applying for jobs.

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Yes, this is possible. You should have completed all modules by the end of your studies at the latest so that we can issue the certificate for you.

Basically yes! If you send us your application for recognition of the modules for the IK certificate by email, please attach the relevant evidence to the email.

Yes, when you send us your application for recognition of the modules for the IK certificate by e-mail, please attach the relevant evidence.

As the block course is a great preparation for a stay abroad, it makes sense to attend this course before your stay abroad. In general, however, you can take part in the course whenever it is offered.

In principle, yes. In this case, please contact us and attach the relevant evidence to the email so that we can compare the course requirements with those of our module.

You can find the application right here! Please send it completed with all supporting documents to

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