"This is a great offer for all those who want to get more out of their studies by learning interdisciplinary skills. Sophisticated, free of charge and absolutely trend-setting! I can only recommend taking advantage of the great opportunities that the HFT Stuttgart offers you!"

[Image: Emma von Bergenspitz]
Emma von Bergenspitz ,
Trainer of communication and presentation techniques

MUST HAVE for all students

In the Extracuriccular Studies, content from a wide range of disciplines is taught in order to give you a view beyond the boundaries of the actual subject. Extracuriccular Studies is not a degree programme in its own right, but a certified additional qualification on top. In short: The challenges in professional life are increasing, tasks are becoming more complex. Networked thinking, interidciplinary work, intercultural openness and criticcal reflextion are gaining in importance. With more than 20 offers from three thematic pillars, the Service Centre for competence-based & innovative Learning & Teaching provides you the opportunity to acquire interdisciplinary skills. Almost all courses include a workshop component (2-3 days) as well as a self-study component (e.g. preparatory or follow-up work).

Methodological competence

Conflict management, intercultural competence or professional negotiation skills - this field offers these topics. You will expand your working methods for study and career, gain social competence and learn a lot about yourself.


Social competence

Workshops, excursions, online offers and lectures on topics related to sustainability, critical thinking and the active examination of responsibility and ethics are offered in this field, among others in cooperation with rtwe and the Virtual Academy Sustainability. Enhace your personality.




Look outside the box! The offerings in this field (among others in cooperation with the University of Stuttgart) offer room for discussion, creativity and are "at the pulse of time". Learn a new language, get socially involved and combine your studies with social commitment within the framework of Service Learning.

  • Certificate of Academic General Education
  • Voluntary and free of charge
  • Acquisition of interdisciplinary competences
  • Broadening horizons and looking outside the box
  • Simple application
  • Recognition of academic achievements
Extracurricular Studies

"I regard the SI certificate as a great enrichment and additional qualification in addition to my studies. I can recommend it to anyone who wants to expand their knowledge and make new contacts with other students."

[Image: Falk Hettwer]
Falk Hettwer, 22,
Student Bachelor Civil Engineering
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