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The Studium Integrale teaches content from a wide range of disciplines to enable you to look beyond the boundaries of your actual field of study. The Studium Integrale is not a degree course in its own right, but a certified additional qualification on top.
In short: the challenges in professional life are increasing and tasks are becoming more complex. The broad general education in the Studium Integrale increases your ability to think in a networked way, to work in an interdisciplinary manner and to reflect critically. With more than 20 courses from three subject areas, Service Centre for competence-based & innovative Learning & Teaching (SkiLL) offers you the opportunity each semester to acquire a colorful and high-quality "bouquet" of interdisciplinary skills that will be of great interest to HR managers. Almost all courses include a workshop component (2-3 days) as well as a self-study component (e.g. preparation or follow-up work).

Methodological competence

involves the ability to systematically apply knowledge and use know-how to carry out tasks and solve problems. This includes the dexterity and use of methods, media and instruments.


Social competence

describes the ability and willingness to work together with other people in a goal-oriented manner and to understand their interests and social situations. The focus is on rational and responsible discussion and communication with others to help shape the working and living environment.




describes the ability and willingness to act independently and responsibly, to reflect on one's own actions and those of others and to further develop one's own ability to act.


Program summer semester 2024

Detailed workshop descriptions can be found in the LSF.

  • Certificate of Academic General Education
  • Decisive difference for applications
  • Voluntary and free of charge
  • Acquisition of interdisciplinary skills
  • Broaden your horizons and think outside the box
  • Simple application process in SkiLL
  • Recognition of achievements from the degree program
Extracurricular Studies
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