Achim Von Neefe, Abeo Trotter, Asmita Rawool, Halimeh Abu Ayyash, Mireille Jean,
Olga Timofeeva, Taha Al-Taie, Vipul Sarnot

1st & 2nd

Dr. Nadine Kuhla von Bergmann (CreativeClimateCities, HFT Stuttgart)
Prof. Roland Dieterle (HFT Stuttgart)

Siemens Real Estate, Germany

September 2019 till July 2020

The goal of the Case Study Siemensstadt 2.0 was to design and co-create visionary an evidence-based, smart district development concept for Siemenstadt 2.0 and an implementation strategy. The steps for achieving this goal were collecting relevant local data, analyzing the areas impact on other city districts and developing its own transformation strategy, dynamic masterplan and action plan for implementation.

The Case Study followed the tender documents of the urban design competition. SCS students analyzed the competition results and transferred and integrated their concepts, including all the relevant aspects of the modules taught during over the course of the Master Programme.

In their proposal the students provided a vision of the areas look, feel, function and operation in the year 2030. The designs and strategies were guided by the European Climate and Energy Framework targets for the same year and by development trends expected to change the district over the next decade.