By embedding environmental protection and sustainability in teaching, research, operations and transfer, the university, as a multiplier with a large sphere of influence, wants to contribute to the preservation and protection of the environment in order to preserve the opportunities of future generations. Natural resources are used responsibly in the sense of careful and efficient use in all fields of action.

Luftbildaufnahme der HFT Stuttgart
Protecting the basis of life

The HFT research with its focus on the environmental and sustainability-relevant areas of space, energy, mobility and economy, environmental management and the sustainability officer are in close and continuous exchange with all university members. They provide information on the latest findings, take up suggestions from the university members and thus sensitize for reflected, sustainable action.

Luftbildaufnahme der HFT Stuttgart
Involve all

The HFT Stuttgart considers the compliance with environmental regulations and requirements as minimum requirements which should be exceeded if possible. New environmentally relevant findings from teaching and research are therefore exchanged in active dialogue with partners, suppliers, other stakeholders and the public. This applies in particular to the HFT research focal points of space, energy, mobility and economy.

Luftbildaufnahme der HFT Stuttgart
Exemplary behaviour

By continuously reducing environmental pollution, the HFT Stuttgart wants to contribute to improving environmental protection and act responsibly in all its fields of activity. Objectives and measures are documented in the environmental programme and checked by means of audits.

Vogelperspektive der HFT
Lasting effect